Fisker of Montreal

Fisker Automotive continues expansion with new dealership in Montreal

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Fisker of Montreal opened this week continuing the expansion of Fisker dealerships around the world, that now numbers 79 dealerships.

On Monday, Fisker Automotive announced the company had signed an agreement to open Fisker of Montreal. The new dealership was formed in collaboration with one of the largest retailer groups in Canada, the Holand Automotive Group, and Groupe Park Avenue.

The showroom at 5150 DeSorel opened to the public on June 5th, ahead of the Montreal Grand Prix.

Fisker of Montreal raises to 79 the number of Fisker Automotive dealerships around the world. Of those, 47 are in North America. The remainder are in Europe, and new dealerships are expected to open soon in China and the Middle East.

“Fisker of Montreal was created by two of the most successful premium auto retailers in the world,” said Matthew Malfitano, Director of North American Operations at Fisker Automotive. “The long-standing reputations of Holand Automotive and Groupe Park Avenue give eco-minded luxury car buyers the confidence to share in Fisker’s vision. We look forward to a very fruitful relationship.”

Mr. Bitton, president and CEO of Fisker of Montreal, said, “This new Fisker brand will fit perfectly within our premium brand portfolio. With its elegance and green power, Fisker will add a new level of diversity to the range of vehicles already available in our prestigious dealership. It is a source of pride for us to be the first and only group to offer this innovative brand in Quebec, a brand that will make heads turn while taking a proactive stance towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

Quebec’s Drive Electric Program classifies the Fisker Karma as a plug-in hybrid vehicle, which it is despite Fisker's insistence on using the "Extended Range Electric Vehicle" phrase. As a plug-in hybrid, Fisker Karma buyers are eligible for a $8,500 rebate, and other incentives.

The Fisker Karma is a luxury plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (again, Fisker uses the phrase "luxury Electric Vehicle with extended range") with a 50 mile electric-only range. It's top speed is limited to 125 miles/hr, and does 0-60 miles/hr in 6.3 seconds. It has luxury features galore, with an emphasis on using recycled materials wherever possible.

The Karma was designed by famed car designer Henrik Fisker, and it has the looks to make grown men drool. Unsurprisingly Fisker recently won First Prize in the prestigious International Design Awards, and the Edison Awards recognized the car with a Silver Trophy in electric vehicles.


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