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Aston Martin Big 5 Driving Experience to visit the Nurburgring next week

Aston Martin's Big 5 Driving Experiences is stopping at the world-famous Nürburgring racetrack in Germany next week as the series takes lucky Aston owners across Europe to enjoy their exotic cars to the fullest.

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Aston Martin is continuing its Big 5 Driving Experiences with the latest ON TRACK installment taking place at the world-famous Nürburgring racetrack in Germany next Monday, the 29th of August. Aston Martin puts on the Big 5 Driving Experiences to give owners personalized driving instruction to maximize their enjoyment of their Astons, to allow them to find out just what their cars are capable of under safe and controlled conditions. This is the 4th annual Big 5 Driving Experience series Aston Martin has organized.

The Aston Martin Big 5 Driving Experiences series began in February with the ON ICE event (pictured) at the St. Moritz ski resort in Switzerland, where owners practiced driving in winter conditions that would otherwise be inhospitable for an Aston Martin exotic car, getting hands-on training from professional instructors as they struggled to find traction in the slippery snow and ice conditions. Then, the Big 5 Driving Experiences series reached the high-speed ooval Boxberg racetrack in May, followed by the famed Monza racetrack in Italy, the Nürburgring event coming up later this month, and the series will conclude at the Spa Francorchamps racetrack in Belgium during the last week of September.

Aston Martin managing director Jeffrey L. Scott said "This series is bringing together fantastic cars and passionate owners. It is a great opportunity for our customers to enjoy their Aston Martins in an environment where they also learn about our cars through the handling techniques taught."

The events are Aston's way of expressing appreciation to their customers and maintaining long-lasting relationships. Big 5 Driving Experience events are fully furnished with more than just professional driving instructors. However, with service support to keep the Astons performing at their best while they're put to the test by their owners, and Aston Martin also provides examples of all its models, from the Virage to the Rapide, for participating owners to try out.

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