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GM's Akerson and Renault/Nissan's Ghosn have gloomy outlooks for 2012 2011-10-18 0
Nissan working on in-house hybrid drivetrain, possibly to resurrect the Altima Hybrid 2011-10-13 1
Saab's still alive, investment deal with Pang Da and Youngman promising 2011-10-12 0
Chevrolet says the Colorado pickup will come to the United States 2011-10-10 0
Renault to move production of Trafic LCV to Sandouville plant 2011-10-09 0
Chevrolet Sonic to get hot hatch version, but it won't be called an SS 2011-10-09 0
General Motors will delay addition of a second shift to Volt production facility 2011-10-08 0
Mazda RX-8 to end production with special SPIRIT R edition, but only in Japan 2011-10-07 0
Nissan announces $1.42 billion investment in Brazil 2011-10-06 1
Honda to cut exports in half over the next 10 years 2011-10-05 1
Volvo to nix the C70, and the plant it's manufactured in as well 2011-10-04 2
Tesla opens its factory doors to prospective Model S customers 2011-10-02 2
Kia to introduce Hyundai i10-based electric vehicle by the end of 2011 2011-10-01 1
Nissan gives contestants the chance to win a 4-day road trip in a 2012 Versa sedan 2011-09-30 1
Honda announces pricing and availability on 2012 Civic Natural Gas 2011-09-30 0
Nissan expands LEAF electric car availability to six more states 2011-09-29 0
Chevrolet Sonic to be painted using new environmentally-friendly 'three-wet' process 2011-09-28 0
Former GM vice chairman Bob Lutz joins electric-vehicle start-up company VIA Motors 2011-09-26 1
First Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 sold at Barrett-Jackson auction for $250,000 2011-09-25 0
Ford Mondeo Titanium to get EcoBoost four-cylinder engine 2011-09-24 0
BMW to build X4 sport crossover in 2014, according to CEO Reithofer 2011-09-24 1
Mitsubishi to get luxury sedan based on the Nissan Fuga in Japan 2011-09-22 0
Ford's Octane Academy to become reality TV series on FUEL TV 2011-09-21 0
BMW Announces Performance Power Kits for 135i and 335i 2011-09-19 0
Vauxhall donates engines to British juvenile rehabilitation facility 2011-09-18 0