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Nissan gives contestants the chance to win a 4-day road trip in a 2012 Versa sedan

Nissan has a contest going called the Versa Road Trip, where contestants can describe their dream road trip and choose three of their Facebook friends to bring along for a chance to take that trip in a brand-new Versa sedan.

Nissan is giving consumers the chance to win a 4-day road trip of their choice with 3 friends in what will be their very own brand-new 2012 Versa sedan. By going to, contestants can choose the two locations at which they want their road trip to begin and end, pick 3 friends out of their Facebook friends list, and then pick a title for their road-trip and attempt to describe it with fewer characters than a tweet: 104 words.

Nissan says a total of six road trip packages will be given away, with each contestant's submission to be graded on originality, creativity, and best use of the Nissan brand. The judges will choose six finalists for each road trip prize, and the highest-scoring road trip within that group of finalists will go on to be the winner. The rest is up to the contestant, who can plan out a trip between any two locations in the 48 contiguous states and even choose their own soundtrack to go along with the trip. Winning contestants' trips will also be recorded on video and broadcast on the Versa Road Trip website.

The Nissan Versa Road Trip contest began with entrants being able to submit their road trip ideas on September 15th, and will end on October 19th. Judging will occur between October 20th and November 11th, with the road trips occurring between November 12th through the rest of 2011.


Patrick Rall    September 30, 2011 - 11:33PM

I gotta be honest. Spending 4 days in a Nissan Versa sounds like the punishment for finishing last in a contest... not a prize for winning one. Now, 4 days in a GTR? That is far more enticing.