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Eco, Standard, or Sport? Unveiling the Mystery of Nissan Ariya Efficiency on Your Commute

Asi Moro, a new Nissan Ariya owner, recently posed a question on the Nissan Ariya Electric SUV Facebook group that sparked a lively discussion: "Does eco really give you more miles compared to standard?"

This question in the Nissan Ariya Electric SUV Facebook group about the best mode to maximize Nissan Ariya's range is central to maximizing the range of any electric vehicle (EV), and the responses Asi received shed light on how driving modes and techniques can affect efficiency, particularly for highway commutes.

"I am new to this car but would want to know based on people’s experience, does eco really give you more miles compared to standard? I usually use the car for my daily commute to work (20 miles one way, all freeway) and would want to know whether or not there’s a huge difference in miles. I don’t use E step and notice that on Eco mode, the brakes isn’t as responsive as standard mode," Moro asked in the group.

Eco Mode and B-Mode: A Mileage Booster on the Freeway?

Laura Zaspel, a fellow Ariya driver, shared her experience using Eco mode paired with B-mode for highway driving, finding it "very efficient for a comfortable driving style."

"For highway I use Eco mode and B. Very efficient for me and comfortable driving style. Try it and see how it feels for you. B gives regenerative braking but will not light up your brake lights just FYI," Zaspel replied.

B-mode utilizes regenerative braking to slow down the car and recapture some energy, potentially extending range. This aligns with Steve Dinkin's observation that switching from standard mode with e-Step to Eco mode with no e-Step increased his range on a mixed driving loop.

"The first month I tried standard with e-Step and my per KWh was under 3 on mixed driving trips. When I switched to eco and no e-Step my range is over 3. Same 70 mile loop which is surface streets for 8 miles and the rest 70-72 MPH highway cruising with PPA 2 active," writes Dinkin.

But is Eco Mode Always King?

John Williamson offered a counterpoint, stating that for him, "the trade-off in responsiveness with Eco mode might not be worth the potential increase in mileage." This sentiment was echoed by Asi Moro, who read comments suggesting Sport mode with e-pedal was most efficient, but found e-pedal challenging to use in their busy area.

BG Walker's experience further muddied the waters. They reported achieving the "best range weirdly" using Sport mode with e-pedal on a 70% rural/city and 30% highway driving mix. This highlights the significant impact driving style and conditions can have on efficiency.

He wrote that he has been reading comments and people say Sport mode on Nissan Ariya and e-Pedal is best. "I just have yet to try using e-Pedal, tried it with the leaf and find it hard to adjust to. Sadly, I just don’t have the time and space yet to get used to it (I live in a super busy area). But I will get there soon," he said.

Zach Lincoln has an interesting take on the efficiency of Nissan Ariya's driving modes for more range. He says, "I've found not much more gained. But where I use eco mode is when I'm carrying other people around. It's a wonderful riding experience for them. Extremely smooth. Otherwise Standard or Sport always."

So, What Does This Mean for Your Ariya Commute?

The answer, like most things in life, is "it depends." Here are some factors to consider:

  • Your Commute: Mostly highway driving might favor Eco mode with B-mode for potential efficiency gains. However, if responsiveness is crucial, standard mode could be a better fit.
  • Driving Style: Aggressive acceleration and braking can devour battery life. Aim for a smooth and steady pace.
  • Traffic Conditions: Stop-and-go traffic can benefit from Eco mode's regenerative braking, while highway cruising might see less difference between modes.

Look, if you are shopping for a new battery-electric crossover vehicle, Nissan’s Ariya is one you should definitely consider because we found it offers many great features and a very satisfying driving experience.

Experiment and Track Your Results:

The best way to determine the most efficient mode for your commute with Nissan Ariya or any EV is to experiment! Try different modes on similar routes and monitor the trip computer's efficiency readings. Additionally, consider these tips:

  • Utilize Cruise Control: Maintaining a steady speed on the highway can significantly improve efficiency.
  • Mind the Weather: Extreme temperatures can impact battery range. Pre-conditioning the cabin before driving can help mitigate this.

What would you say to the following notion? "The only thing that makes the difference is how you drive the car. Driving economically makes the difference not the driving mode." I read it online. Do you agree with this thought?

I like the Ariya a lot. Recently, I reviewed the 2024 Nissan Ariya and think Nissan really makes a statement with this EV.

What are your experiences with maximizing efficiency in your Nissan Ariya? Share your tips and questions in the comments below! Let's create a resource for fellow Ariya drivers to unlock their EV's full potential.

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