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Remember the Crosley automobile?

What did a Crosley, pictured, have that most American cars didn't have circa 1950?

a) Automatic transmission
b) High compression overhead cam engine
c) Three wheels
d) Electric starter and electric wipers

2. How many Z-28 Camaros were built in 1967?

a) 1,326
b) 3,000
c) 602
d) 998
e) 572

3. Why are Morgan Motor Cars different from any other cars?

a) They have only three wheels
b) You have to supply the engine and transmission
c) They’re built entirely by hand
d) They’re made of carbon fiber and plastic

4. What kind of car sometimes had "Twin H Power"?

a) Studebaker
b) Panhard
c) Willys
d) Hupmobile
e) Hudson

5. What company besides Chevrolet had a wagon called "Suburban"?

a) International Harvester 1970-75
b) Ford, 1948-51 and 1960-62
c) Nash 1959
d) Plymouth 1949

6. What brand of car included models called "98" and "Rocket 88"?

a) Mercury
b) Buick
c) Oldsmobile
d) DeSoto

7. What kind of car was Ernie Kovacs driving when he had his fatal wreck?

a) Cadillac
b) Corvette
c) Corvair
d) None of the above

8. Other than size, what made the Crosley different from other American cars of its time?

a) Disc brakes
b) Four-speed transmission
c) Air-cooled engine
d) Overhead camshaft engine

9. Which car company introduced the Edsel in 1958?

a) Ford
b) Buick
c) Hudson
d) DeSoto

10. Which of these cars was air-cooled?

a) Chevy Greenbriar
b) All of these
c) None of these
d) Corvair
e) Volkswagen
f) Franklin


1. b
2. e
3. c
4. e
5. d
6. c
7. c
8. d
9. a
10. b

Dave Menard of Avanti NewsFeatures contributed to this report. You can reach's Hawke Fracassa at [email protected].

Image source: 1950 Crosley, from Wikipedia

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Ron W (not verified)    June 13, 2011 - 1:39AM

I saw a 1949 Crosley just this afternoon while on a bike ride to Sutliff, Iowa! It's small and cute, like the Cooper Mini. As it drove past us bicyclists, I saw a for sale sign on the passenger window, so if you're in the area & want a cute car like this you could be its next owner!