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Renault to debut the Captur crossover at the Geneva Motor Show

When the Geneva Motor Show opens next month, Renault will unveil the new Captur Concept, the second of the six concept vehicles to be debuted as part of the automakers new brand identity.

The new brand identity that French automaker talks about is based on the different stages of life with the Renault Captur Concept being the second stage and this identity seems to be as odd as it sounds. The first stage, “falling in love” was displayed in the DeZir Concept that debuted at the 2010 Paris show last year and the new Captur crossover is said to depict two people exploring the world around them. Leave it to the French to think that life begins with falling in love – for most people in the world it begins with being born and growing up but to each his (or her) own, right?

The Renault Captur Concept is a compact sport ute with an advanced 4 wheel drive system powered by a 1.6L twin turbocharged diesel engine producing 160 horsepower, mated to a twin-clutch gearbox. The Captur includes a removable top for the freedom of a convertible with the off-road ability of a modern SUV, all while exposing the carbon fiber framework when the sporty crossover is topless. The ultra-futuristic interior (shown in the gallery below) only seats two people in the standard format but there are additional seats that stow into the sides of the vehicle when you need to move more than two people. Also, the interesting rear area lined with elastic cords (bright orange bungee cords?) allow for a storage area with existing tie-downs or the elastic cords can also serve as a hammock according to the automaker.

This CUV concept doesn’t look like something that will actually see production but it is being used to show off a pair of modern technologies with the first being the 4 wheel drive system. Using a variety of sensors, the 4WD system monitors which wheels are getting the most grip and when the system detects that one of the two axles is getting less grip – it quickly transfers some-to-all engine torque to the axle that is getting the best traction via a mechanical locking differential. The other new technology being shown off by the Renault Captur is a frontward-facing camera that broadcasts images onto a screen on the dash so help enhance what is in front of the vehicle. They don’t go into much detail but it sounds like this could be some sort of night vision or other gadgetry that the US government wouldn’t permit in a production vehicle – even if Renault sold new vehicles here.

If nothing else, the Renault Captur shows off the sleek lines that debuted in the Renault DeZir Concept and like that compact sports car, the Captur is intended to show the future of the Renault brand. Check out the gallery below for a closer look at the new Renault Captur Concept!

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