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What Do You Do When EV Users Don't Know How To Properly Use Chargers

Electric car owners are really frustrated when new EV owners don't understand how to use the public chargers and don't show respect to other users who are behind them. Here is what one Nissan LEAF owner says.

"I am getting a bit fed up of EV users that do not understand the correct way to use chargers and to respect other users that may follow behind them. Like a Zoe user did not shut the sequence down and just pulled the plug and left, charger stuck in a connected mode counting up the minuets, had to call Ecotricity who took 3 days to fix it," writes a Facebook user named Karl Morris in Nissan LEAF Owner's group.

Another issue is the stowage of the charger guns. People hang them up and the rain pours in the end, instead of putting it in its stowage cover.

In other instances new EV users through LEAF cables and plugins on the ground. As a result they get either wet or are broken. If people, who do these things, can't get the charge, which is out of the order, they will probably complain too.

Morris rightfully comments that "all users should always show some consideration towards other EV users and use the electric pumps in an orderly fashion."

When you use the charge point, please always clear down correctly so you can see the selection page as to which service you may want (AC or DC). "I even go round all the pumps hooking all the cables up via their cable hanger and make sure all the guns are in there holster or storage bay," says Morris.

If drivers, who are in a hurry, still do not have the right to act irresponsibly. We all need to think of others when charging our cars.

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