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Five Best Things To See at the Chicago Auto Show

The Chicago Auto Show, which officially opens today and runs through Feb. 20 at McCormick Place, has lots to do but here are the TorqueNews five best things to see at the show.


Leading the list of the five best things to do at the Chicago Auto Show would have to be the Hyundai Veloster exhibit, specifically the 500-horsepower AWD Veloster rally car that will race in the 2011 U.S. Rallycross Championship. The standard Hyundai Veloster is a stunning car but the Veloster rally car is a stunning piece of automotive beauty. You can't miss this car.

As the nation's largest auto show, Chicago has a lot of things to see and do besides our list of the five best things to see. There's a lot of walking involved and pictures snapped with cellphone cameras. You're going to need recharged. Your cellphone is going to need recharged. What better place than the BP recharging station? This is the first time the much maligned company is trying something like this but it is a relaxing spot located in the south hall behind the Ford exhibit. You can enter a competition to win gas cards. Also, people who live in the Chicagoland area can get a half-price weekday ticket to the show when they buy 8 gallons of gas at a local BP dealer. BP really wants you to forget that whole Gulf of Mexico thing.

Suzuki's motorized sofa makes its debut at the Chicago Auto Show, which means it has to be among the five best things to see. Unfortunately, you won't be able to sit in it but you will be able to gaze upon it longingly if you are a true couch potato who has always dreamed about taking your sofa out for a spin like the one this couch went on in the television spot, "Kizashi versus A4," compares the Suzuki Kizashi's performance attributes to an Audi A4 and a man piloting the agile and quick-footed sofa.

The Ford Police Vehicle Display is just cool. Heck, most of us with a need for speed will be seeing these vehicles in our rearview mirrors in the near future. Why not get a look at them at a static display? Three models are on display, including the stealth version. Admit it. You like to look at police cars.

There are four vehicle ride and drive spots at the Chicago Auto Show, including the Chevy Volt (set in almost a garden-like setting), Jeep, Ford and Toyota. The Toyota is the best of the bunch. It gives you a real feel for what the trucks can do (well as much as possible in an auto show setting). Plus, you get a free Toyota cap on your way out. What's better than free?

That's our list of the five best things to see at the Chicago Auto Show. Feel free to comment if you attend the show and come up with something different. Complete information on the show is available at