New Shelby Mustang Super Snake Wide Body
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The New Shelby Mustang Super Snake Wide Body is a 750hp Curvy Beauty

The team at Shelby American have rolled out their newest creation based on the Ford Mustang and while it is only a concept right now, the new Shelby Super Snake Wide Body has gorgeous curves coupled with the type of performance that you would expect from anything wearing the Super Snake name.

While the Shelby name comes on the new GT350 variant of the Ford Mustang from the factory, the team at Shelby American continues to build some of the biggest and baddest high performance, post-title packages for the mighty Mustang. Yesterday evening, Shelby rolled out their newest package for the modern Ford Mustang GT and while this new Super Snake is only a concept right now – it has all the makings of the next Shelby Mustang superstar.

Shelby Mustang Super Snake Wide Body
As you can see in the image above, the highlight of the Shelby Mustang Super Snake Wide Body Concept is the unique body upgrades which transform the Ford Mustang GT into the curvy muscle car shown above.

This package includes a new front fascia with unique upper and low grille designs, a Shelby chin spoiler and a dual snorkel style hood. That unique front fascia wraps around to the sides where it meets the flared front fenders, which are connected to flared rear quarter panels with a unique side sill running between the two. Out back, the new Super Snake Wide Body has a flared rear fascia, a custom lower diffuser, a pair of big oval exhaust tips, a low profile spoiler and a Shelby taillight panel.

The flared body panels give this new Shelby Mustang Super Snake a far more aggressive machine, with such a wide, low stance, but this package also allows the company to fit huge tires under the body of this customized muscle car. Out back, the Shelby Mustang Super Snake Wide Body has 345-wide tires on 12.5 inch wide, 20 inch wheels. Up front, those 20 inch wheels are “only” 11 inches with, with 305-wide tires and all of this wide rubber should allow this Shelby to corner, brake and accelerate like a supercar.

In total, the rear track of the Shelby Wide Body is 4 inches wider than the normal Mustang GT while the front end if 2.5 inches wider.

More than Just Good Looks
Although the unique body package is a key component of the Shelby Mustang Super Snake Wide Body, Shelby American wouldn’t build a Super Snake that didn’t offer incredible performance. Since this is a still a concept, Shelby is vague on the details, but the engine can be upgraded with two different supercharger options, lifting the output to 670 or 750 horsepower.

Next, Shelby added a fully adjustable, track-ready coilover suspension setup from Cortex, new control arms, stronger spindles, hardened wheel hubs and a massive Brembo braking package with 16 inch front rotors and 14 inch rear rotors – all of which guarantees that this Mustang Super Snake will handle and stop just as well as it accelerates.

The package is finished off with a Shelby interior package, adding leather seats with embroidered Super Snake logos and other interior trim.

Again, the Shelby Mustang Super Snake Wide Body is only a concept right now, but there appears to be a good chance that this car – or something very similar to it – will become a production reality. Well, a post-title reality, meaning that once it is available, anyone who has a newer Ford Mustang can send their pony car to Shelby for the Super Snake Wide Body upgrade.

Once more information becomes available on a production model, you will find it here at TorqueNews, but in the meantime, we can all drool over this gorgeous customized Ford Mustang GT.

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