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A little kid drifting in a Power Wheels Ford Mustang

While the internet is chock full of other people’s kids doing things that only the parents think are cute, this video of a little boy showing off intense drifting skills in a Power Wheels Ford Mustang is one of those viral videos that is worth the watch.

The video is only 42 seconds long but that is all this young man needs to show off what he can do with his Power Wheels Ford Mustang and a set of cones.

There is no information included with the video so we don’t know if this particular mini Mustang is stock or modified but it is sporting some decals across the windshield from DC Shoes, Alpinestars and what looks to be a radio station. Out back there are more decals that are a little hard to read along with a set of blacked-out stock wheels. However, regardless of the vehicle – this little guy knows how to handle his car through a slide.

At first, like any good drifter, he is showing off his skills with a young lady along for the ride as he whips from side to side, throwing the Mustang into the corner and then counter steering to guide it around the turns as he drifts.

Towards the end of the video, the little drift star is doing donuts around a cone Ken Block style, tightening up his donuts each time he goes around. During this short sequence, the wheel-handling skills are well displayed as he works to keep the car under control during his last few drifts.

For those of you out there who want to create a future drift king of your own, you can pick up a new Power Wheels Ford Mustang at your local Walmart with the pricing ranging between $270-280 USD. The Power Wheels Mustang shown in the video is actually an older model (with the 2005-2009 styling) where the models currently available in stores sport the 2010 refresh. Also, if you have a little girl who you want to push into the sport of drifting, Barbie also has her own Mustang in bright pink that is sure to turn heads on the toddler hot import scene.

Check out the YouTube video below:

Thanks to Big Mo for the heads up!

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