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Fords Newest F150 Costs More Than $63,000

Ford Motor Company announced earlier this year that the 2016 F150 would benefit from a new top of the line package named the Limited and while we speculated that it would be expensive, the pricing is far beyond what we would have guessed – with the four wheel drive version starting over $63,000.


The new Ford F150 is packed full of modern technology, including the lightweight aluminum body panel, and that leads to a higher price for the consumer. Prices across every segment have increased over the past decade, but with full sized pickups continuing to sell like hot cakes even amidst record-high prices, Ford Motor Company has rolled the dice with an even more expensive luxury package for the 2016 F150.

According to Motor Trend, the 2016 Ford F150 Limited with four wheel drive will start at $63,100 while the rear-drive version will begin at an equally shocking $59,675, both of which include the $1,195 destination fee. Also, there are still standalone options and packages, so the price of the 2016 F150 Limited will likely run well over $60k for the RWD trucks and $65k for the 4x4.

The Most Expensive Half Ton Truck in America
The 2015 Platinum with four wheel drive starts at $56,205, making it the most expensive F150 and the most expensive half ton truck in the segment for the 2015 model year. The most expensive 2015 Ram 1500 Limited starts at $55,375 and the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 High Country starts at $52,785, so the top of the line F150 was already the priciest, but it seems that Ford felt that there was the need for an even more luxurious F150 with an even bigger price tag.

Enter the 2016 F160 Limited.

The 2016 F150 Limited 4x4 starts at $63,100 – making it almost $6,900 more than the 2015 F150 Platinum 4x4, $7,725 more than the Ram Limited and $10,315 more than the Silverado High Country.

The pricing of the 2016 Ford F150 Limited might seem crazy to many new car shoppers, but what is even crazier is the fact that the F150 is really just a premium appearance package ranging in above the current F150 Platinum.

The $60k Appearance Package
When compared to the 2015 F150 Platinum, the 2016 Limited package adds a bunch of dress-up items on the outside, including “Limited” badging on the hood, a package specific grille, 22-inch bright polished wheels, a satin chrome tailgate badge, a chrome front bumper with body color end caps, a painted rear bumper, satin chrome door handles, a chrome exhaust tip, chrome side moldings, quad-beam LED headlights, a panoramic vista roof and power running boards. The F150 Limited can be ordered in four colors - Shadow Black, Blue Jeans, Magnetic, and Platinum Metallic tri-coat.

On the inside, the 2016 F150 Limited is the most well-appointed ever, including Ford's newest SYNC 3 infotainment system with Sony 10-speaker sound system, heated and cooled massaging front seats, heated rear seats, a laser-engraved VIN plate on the center console lid, unique floor mats, a unique instrument cluster, door sill plates with an ice blue glowing Limited logo. Oh, there is also fiddleback eucalyptus and aluminum interior trim pieces.

Finally, the F150 Limited comes with the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 with 365hp and 420lb-ft of torque, which will allow owners to tow up to 10,100, so this pricey luxury truck will still get its hands dirty when needed.

Where Does the Pricing Stop?
So, I have no doubt that the 2016 Ford F150 Limited will be the nicest Ford truck ever, if not the nicest half ton truck sold in America. At $63,100, it should be the nicest truck sold in the country, but I have to wonder where this steady rise in truck pricing will end.

I am generally one to point out that trucks are expensive because they can do more work than cars, and as long as the trucks are selling, no price is too high. If Ford sells a couple thousand F150 Limited trucks with these prices, it will show that there is a market for very expensive trucks, but with higher premium models comes a gradual increase in the base model prices – and at some point, truck sales will begin to suffer when prices get too high.

However, until that day comes, Ford continues to sell huge numbers of F150 pickups fitted with the high end amenities and the big price tags. The Limited might be a hit, just like the Platinum, except with a much bigger price.


John (not verified)    October 27, 2015 - 10:42AM

The new 2015 Ford F150 is nice it has a lot of nice options with it but I went to trade my 2014 King Ranch in with 4000 mi on it for a 2015 King Ranch and they wanted my truck and almost $20,000 no way I would be a fool to trade for that. The Chevys , GMC's and Dodge ram trucks are more reasonably priced ,if it's related to the aluminum body and retooling I won't pay for that, in 2014 I traded a 2012 lariat which was pretty well loaded for the 2014 King Ranch and I only payed $8000 more and the truck ,looks like I'm not going to be buying the ford P/U they are way overpriced.

Chris (not verified)    March 7, 2016 - 7:10PM

I'm looking at trucks to include the 2016 Silverado and the F-150. Ford has lost their mind with the prices. The Silverado I'm looking at it twice the truck as the F-150 for $8,000 less. I own 2 Fords currently but I won't be getting a 3rd. Ford, you guys need to price these things more reasonably. My local dealer had a ton on the lot and not a soul looking but us.