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Ferrari issues new Project F150 pictures ahead of Geneva debut

The 2013 Geneva Motor Show debut of the new Ferrari F150 Project – a car which will serve as the successor to the mighty Enzo – is only a few days away now and as we draw closer to the formal introduction to the newest Ferrari halo car, the company has offered some new teaser images of the mysterious supercar.

While we have long known about the arrival of the successor to the Ferrari Enzo, the company has done a remarkable job of keeping the details under wraps – a fact was represented by the fact that we still don’t know what this car will be called. Early on, it was widely believed that it would be called the F70 but over the past 4 months or so, the company has been referring to the car as the Ferrari F150 Project. In the newest teaser shots, the description simply refers to the upcoming supercar as “the new Ferrari Special Limited Series”. There have really been no spy shots that showed us anything that the company hasn’t already shown us and those automotive paparazzi that has caught the new Ferrari supercar in “test mule” form caught the car so heavily clad in awkward camo panels that they didn’t serve to do much aside from showing that the car existed. Honestly, if not for the company issuing shots and information on the vehicle – we really wouldn’t know anything about it at all. Fotunately, more information has surfaced from private events lately but those focus almost entirely on the drivetrain and you can check those out by clicking here (it will open in a new window).

Thanks to the official Ferrari magazine, we got some shadowy teaser shots of the Ferrari F150 Project back in December but as the grand debut of the Enzo replacement draws near – the Italian supercar builder has posted some new teaser pictures on their official Facebook page. Unlike those shadowy shots of the front and rear end of the new F150 Project that actually offered us a very good look at the basic lines of the new sports car, these new shots are true teasers. These are shots that make you stare at them and wonder exactly what you are looking at with two of the pictures being quite a mystery while the third is unmistakably a look at the exhaust tips and the lower rear diffuser.

The first new teaser of the Ferrari F150 Project issued is the large shot above on the right which clearly shows the Prancing Horse badge but it is hard to tell just what part of the car this might be. If I had to guess, it looks like this chrome Prancing Horse is on the front end of a vent opening with what looks like a body gap – possibly a door edge – in the blurry background. Perhaps this is the rear quarter panel with a large air intake vent following the rear end of the door.

The second new Ferrari teaser image shows a large portion of the body which I believe is the hood and front fenders with the shot taken from the roofline or the top of the windshield. Thanks to the shadowy front end teaser in the Ferrari magazine, we know that the F150 Project has big, hulking fenders that flow into a hood with an air vent at the front end, sitting in an indented portion of the hood. I believe that this shot shows the indented part of the hood back near the cowl while the high portions on the outside are the “back side” of the front fenders and if we were to follow those areas forward, we would run into the headlights. (This image is available in the gallery on the right – click any thumbnail to view the gallery)

The final new Ferrari F150 Project teaser is much easier to identify as this shot shows two exhaust tips and the carbon fiber lower diffuser that wraps around the back end to help channel air perfectly as it exits the undercarriage. I would guess that this is one of two exhaust tip pairings – presumably the driver’s side which is separated from the other pairing by the area where the fascia swoops upward. (This image is available in the gallery on the right – click any thumbnail to view the gallery)

The new Ferrari Special Limited Series supercar will debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show on Tuesday March 5th – at which point we will finally know what this car looks like and, more importantly, what the new Ferrari halo supercar will be named. After the legal fuss between themselves and Ford Motor Company when Ferrari named a new race car the F150, we are stunned that they publicly used the F150 designation for the project at all but when the production car arrives, F150 is the name that I least expect to see on the car. F70 seems like a logical option, following in line with the F40, the F50 and the Enzo but conventional logic doesn’t always have a place in the automotive world.

Again, the gallery above on the right has the three new teasers of the Ferrari F150 Project including the front and rear end shots of the new supercar. Click any thumbnail on this page for a look at all of these teasers!

In case you missed the first teasers of the Ferrari F150 Project back in December, click here for a good look at the front and rear end of the new Italian supercar.