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New Ferrari Enzo successor (F70/F150) details surface from private company event

It seems as though the folks at Ferrari recently held a private and very exclusive event to preview the Ferrari Enzo replacement to a very select group of people who are likely very wealthy and while there are still many questions on the car that could be called the F70 or the F150 – a leak from the event has provided us with what seem to be more concrete numbers on the newest Italian supercar.

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Ferrari has been kind enough to offer up information of the car that will serve as the successor to the top of the line Enzo supercar including some self-taken spyshots and a look at the carbon fiber monocoque…even though we still don’t know exactly what this new supercar will be called when it arrives. At first, it was expected to be called the F70 but a recent article in the official Ferrari magazine suggests that the company could go with the name of the Ferrari F150. While it seems shocking that Ferrari would use the F150 name after going through a legal battle over the same name on one of their race cars, these private events have seemingly brought about solid details on the heir to the Enzo throne.

As expected, the vehicle currently named the Ferrari F150 Project will be powered by a V12 engine that produces 800 horsepower at a whopping 9,200 revolutions per minute while the peak torque will be produced starting at just 1,000rpm – although we are still not sure just how much torque this monstrous V12 will offer. Further aiding the performance of the Ferrari Enzo successor is the hybrid KERS system that tacks on an additional 150 horsepower while also making the car more fuel efficient under normal driving situations. This drivetrain is expected to help the Ferrari F70/F150 rocket from a stop up to 62 miles per hour in under 3 seconds while reaching 124 mph from a stop will take under 7 seconds as the Enzo replacement roars to its top speed of 230 miles per hour.

In addition to accelerating as quickly as pretty much any car in the world, the Ferrari F150 will be one of the best handling cars in the world with braking times allegedly in the range of just 377 feet to get the car stopped from a cruising speed of 124 miles per hour. These powerful brakes combined with the high performance drivetrain, the super aerodynamic numbers and the world class suspension system should make the F150 one of the best Ferraris of all time. The reports from the private Ferrari F150 viewing suggest that the new supercar will be able to lap the Fiorano test track in under 1 minute and 20 seconds which would put the new street legal Enzo successor in the same performance ballpark as the Ferrari FXX and the Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione – two high performance Italian exotics that are intended for race use only. Also, Ferrari expects that the F150 will be able to get around the famous Nürburgring in under 7 minutes. Should the Ferrari F150/F70 be able to lap “The Ring” in the 6 minute range, it will be the first true street legal car to do so; joining the Radical SR8 and the SR8 LM along with the aforementioned 599XX and the Pagani Zonda R. No actual street car has ever lapped the 12.9 mile course less than 7 minutes and 11 seconds (a time turned in by the race purposed Gumpert Apollo Sport).

Sadly, the Ferrari F150…or F70…will be limited to just 499 production units so only those millionaires who act the quickest will have a chance to own what will most likely be the highest performance road going Ferrari of all time. Check out the our gallery of Ferrari F150 teasers by clicking any of the thumbnails above on the right!


(A special thanks to Belgian Max for the translation help!)

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