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The Ferrari Four configurator is live

The Ferrari Four is reportedly already sold out but that doesn’t prevent the new Ferrari FF configurator from being a great chance to build your dream-come-true version of the innovative new four-seat supercar.

As the Ferrari Four configurator opens, you are presented with a virtual FF in a very clean showroom, surrounded by all of the optional colors, wheels, seats, brake calipers and interior layouts. You can click and drag to spin the camera around the room, offering a look at the FF at a variety of angles with the plethora of options hung from the walls. If you want a closer look, there is also a full screen option.

As you scroll down a bit, you are presented with an extensive list of paint choices for the Ferrari Four grouped into 5 categories including one named 1950s-60s colors. In all, there are 44 exterior color options with a surprisingly wide variety of red hues but as I went through the configurator I went with the basic non metallic Rosso Scuderia. It’s hard to go wrong with a bright red Ferrari.

Next, there are four factory wheel options for the Ferrari Four based on two different designs. The first design that you are shown is a 5-spoke star design with a dual-spoke twisted style, offering in either all silver or silver with bright polished raised sections – Ferrari calls these brighter wheels standard diamond rims. The other wheel option is the split forged design, featuring a split-spoke star design with angled spokes with either a bright finished front edge or you can get them in all black. I went with the split forged dark painted rims in the image above, captured from the Ferrari Four configurator page.

The next option in the Ferrari FF configurator is the brake caliper package and I went with a matching theme, picking Rosso Scuderia. To see the next options in the configurator, use the red drag bar along the bottom of the list. As you do so, you come across the option of the “emergency wheel kit” before moving onto other options like sport exhaust, a chrome front grille, additional Ferrari logos on the fenders (shown above), a auto-dimming interior and exterior mirrors, and front and rear parking assist camera and sensors – among other things.

The next step is the interior, where you pick between three different categories, single color, dual color or dual contrasting Alcantara leather – with 15 main colors and 15 contrasting colors offering for an incredible number of choices for FF buyers along with the wild semi-anilina treatment which offers a bright neon green or hunting vest orange. While picking the colors of your FF interior, keep in mind that you can also chose from 14 different stitching colors. The number of possible interior layouts alone is well worth a look at the configurator, and you can do so by clicking here.

But wait…there’s more!

Next, you get to pick the seat style, which looks to change little more than the stitching across the center section of the seats followed by a choice between electric and ventilated electric seats. The configurator then walks you thought the process of picking a seatbelt color (6 of them available), the carpeting choice (23 of them), a huge spread of boot carpeting colors, the upper dashboard color ( 12 of them), the lower dash (15 of them), the steering wheel cover (15 of them), the headliner color, the door panel colors and on and on. To get a full idea of just how in-depth the Ferrari Four configurator gets, you can see it best by checking it out for yourself by clicking here.

This Ferrari Four might be the most innovative Ferrari model ever as well as possibly being the most capable supercar ever, but thanks to the fresh FF configurator, it might just be the most customizable supercar ever as well.

Thanks to Eric for the heads up!

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