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The Cadillac Escalade blows away Mercedes Benz C300 – then tows it away

If you were to picture an epic drag race between the Mercedes Benz C300 sport sedan and a Cadillac model you would probably expect the Caddy to be a new CTS or perhaps something in the V-Series for emphasis but General Motors has offered up a new video of the Mercedes being ripped up in a drag race by the new Cadillac Escalade – followed by the Escalade towing the Mercedes away on a trailer.


This luxury drag race video begins how we would expect it, with a new Mercedes Benz C300 parked next to a drag strip Christmas tree and a new Cadillac CTS-V sedan while two drivers suit up for the big race. The host of the video states that they are going to race to test the 0-60 times between the two brands but he then decides not to “use the V”. They then cut to a rolling shot of the new full sized Cadillac Escalade and as the camera pans out, the Escalade is pulling up next to that same Christmas tree and C300 Benz.

As soon as this unusual drag begins, the 6000 pound Cadillac Escalade rips out to the lead ahead of the Mercedes Benz C300 sport sedan and while the drag race is much shorter than the 1320 or 1000 feet commonly used for drag races, the video very clearly shows that the Escalade is well in the lead at the end of the short track – with no progress seeming to be made by the Mercedes. The 403 horsepower V8 in the Escalade moves the huge SUV down the track very quickly and sounds great doing it but as the video ends, the host of the segment takes the keys from the driver of the Escalade and climbs in – pulling away with the new Mercedes Benz C300 loaded onto a car trailer behind the sport ute.

This video shows that the Cadillac Escalade is a serious performer even when compared to some of the luxury brand elite and on top of the high performance capabilities mated to the luxury that one would expect from a modern Cadillac vehicle, the Escalade also features towing abilities like very few vehicles in the luxury segment.

Check out the video below for a closer look at the Cadillac Escalade beating up the Mercedes Benz C300 courtesy of General Motors.

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Image captured from the GM video.


Anonymous (not verified)    September 27, 2011 - 3:13PM

what a joke gm could make that escorlaid outrun a bugatti its a gm video whats bad is the government motors loyals will believe it

Anonymous (not verified)    September 27, 2011 - 11:25PM

if 403hp in a suv can outrun a c300. imagine what fords 411hp 6.2 f150 pickup could do maybe m5 or 911 territory WOW...

Anonymous (not verified)    September 28, 2011 - 4:05PM

What a joke, just like the maker of this video. They chose the slowest, cheapest Mercedes to go head to head with their most expensive offering. Would've loved to see how that piece of crap Escalade would do against the GL550. Also, very curious to see how CTS-V would do agaisnt the E63 AMG. So happy I moved on from GM. Will never go back!!