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The Cadillac ATS spotted testing on the Nürburgring

The new Cadillac ATS is expected to hit US streets in the middle of next year, giving the American luxury brand a model to go head to head with the BMW 3-Series but thanks to the folks at Autoblog, we have an early look at the sporty sedan tearing its way around the famed Nürburgring.

Little is known about the camo’d up Cadillac ATS shown in the video below so there is no way of telling exactly what engine is powering the ATS or what kind of times it turned out during the test sessions. However, from the look of things in the video from Autoblog, the Cadillac ATS handles the extreme curves of the Nürburgring pretty well while the sounds of the tires screaming for mercy show just how hard the ATS is being pushed.

The video of the Cadillac ATS soaring around the Nürburgring is just over two minutes long so it is far from a full-lap look at the upcoming Caddy sport sedan on the famous German track but it does show that General Motors is focusing on performance with the ATS. The new sedan is expected to do battle with the BMW 3-Series and while the various BMW offerings focus on luxury, they have long been known for balancing driving excitement with their luxurious amenities. That being said, when Cadillac rolls out the production level ATS it will need to be able to look great sitting side by side with the BMW 3-Series but more importantly, it will have to be able to keep up with the different 3-Series sedans. The fact that GM is spending time on the same Nürburgring where BMW tests their vehicles is a clear indication that when American buyers get their hands on the Cadillac ATS, it will be able to (at least) keep pace with the best that the segment has to offer.

Check out the video below of the Cadillac ATS ripping around the Nurburgring and make sure that you have your speakers turned up so that you can get an earful of the screaming tires and high revving engine of the upcoming Cadillac sport sedan.

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