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America's Top 25 Bestselling Vehicles for 2015 Loses Prius, Adds Wrangler

We have compiled the top 25 bestselling vehicles in the American auto industry and while the Ford F Series was once again at the head of a very familiar class, there was one key change – with the Toyota Prius leaving the top 25 and the Jeep Wrangler jumping onto the list.


We previously reported that the Ford F-Series pickup was, once again, the bestselling vehicle in America with 780,354 new trucks sold last year. Today, we bring you our list of the top 25 bestselling vehicles for 2015 and some interesting figures that show the overall growth of the industry over the past 12 months.

When I wrote our 25 bestselling vehicle piece for 2014, the 25th place vehicle was the Jeep Cherokee with 178,508 units sold. This year, the 25th place vehicle is the Chevrolet Malibu, with 194,854 units sold in 2015, so even at the bottom of the list, there has been an improvement of around 16,000 vehicles.

Ford Motor Company has not only the bestselling vehicle and the bestselling truck, but they are also tied with General Motors for the most vehicles on the list, with five apiece. Chrysler Group has four vehicles on the list, including three Jeep SUVs and the Ram pickup. Toyota, Honda and Nissan each have three vehicles on the list, but Toyota takes home the bestselling car title once again with the Camry and Honda’s CRV takes the title of the bestselling SUV, again.

While the numbers have improved from top to bottom of our to 25 bestselling vehicles in America for 2015, there was one key change. The Toyota Prius was 19th on the list last year, but with the upward shift in sales among the rest of the vehicles on the list and the drop in Prius sales, the Prius has dropped out of the top 25. In its place, the Jeep Wrangler jumps from being outside of the top 25 in 2014 to 22nd in 2015.

Here is a quick breakdown of the top 25 bestselling vehicles in the USA for 2015.

We previously reported the top 5 bestselling vehicles in the USA for 2015, with the Ford F-Series once again leading the way, followed by the Chevrolet Silverado, the Ram pickup and the Toyota Camry. The first change for 2015 comes in 5th place, where the Toyota Corolla has jumped ahead of the Honda Accord.

From 7th through 13th, only one vehicle was in the same position in 2015 as it was in 2014, and that was the Ford Escape in 11th. The Honda CRV moved up to 7th as the bestselling SUV in America, the Honda Civic was up to 8th, the Nissan Altima dropped to 9th from 7th and the Toyota RAV4 jumped to 10th from 13th. After the Escape held steady in 11th, the Ford Fusion was 12th (down from 10th) and the Nissan Rogue was 13th – jumping way up from 20th last year.

In the group of 14th through 20th, we start off with the Chevrolet Equinox and the Hyundai Elantra, both of which were in the same slots last year. The Chevy Cruze fell to 16th from 12th, the Ford Explorer climbed to 17th from 21st and the GMC Sierra pickup held steady in 18th. The Jeep Cherokee was another vehicle with a big jump, finishing 18th in 2015 after hitting the list in its first full year in 2014 at 25th while the Hyundai Sonata dropped to 20th from 17th in 2014.

Finally, the Nissan Sentra moved into the 21st spot for 2015 (up from 24), the Jeep Wrangler broke onto our list in the 22nd spot, the Ford Focus fell way down to 23rd from 16th, the Jeep Grand Cherokee slipped one spot to 24th and the Chevrolet Malibu rounded out the top 25 after being 22nd in 2014.

Top 25 Bestselling Vehicles in the USA for 2015:
1 Ford F Series 780,354
2 Silverado 600,544
3 Ram PU 451,116
4 Toyota Camry 429,355
5 Toyota Corolla 363,332
6 Honda Accord 355,557
7 Honda CRV 345,647
8 Honda Civic 335,384
9 Nissan Altima 333,398
10 Toyota RAV4 315,412
11 Ford Escape 306,492
12 Ford Fusion 300,170
13 Nissan Rogue 287,190
14 Chevy Equinox 277,589
15 Hyundai Elantra 241,706
16 Chevy Cruze 226,602
17 Ford Explorer 224,309
18 GMC Sierra 224,139
19 Jeep Cherokee 220,260
20 Hyundai Sonata 213,303
21 Nissan Sentra 203,509
22 Jeep Wrangler 202,702
23 Ford Focus 202,478
24 Grand Cherokee 195,958
25 Chevrolet Malibu 194,854