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2015 Ford Mustang GT, EcoBoost 50 Years Appearance Package Detailed

Now that the configurator for the 2015 Ford Mustang has arrived online, we have full official details and pricing information for all of the various options, features and packages of the new Mustang – including the 50 Years Appearance Package that we have heard about since the first dealer screen captures hit the web.


When dealership employees began posting screen shots from their work computers showing ordering information on the 2015 Ford Mustang, there was very scarce information on a 50 Years Appearance package. It was on the screen, but there were no details on the screen or from the folks at Ford. Fortunately, the arrival of the full 2015 Mustang configurator has provided us with complete details of this new appearance package.

How This Package Differs from the 50 Years Mustang GT
First off, the 50 Years Appearance package for the 2015 Ford Mustang is only available for the EcoBoost Premium and GT Premium trimlines – not with the base V6 or either the EcoBoost or GT in non-Premium form. You can get this package with the EcoBoost or GT Convertibles (which only come in premium trim), but not with the V6 drop top.

It should also be pointed out that this package has nothing to do with the special 50 Year Limited Edition model that is based on the fully loaded 2015 Mustang GT, although the appearance package does share some features with those 1,964 special edition Mustang GTs painted Wimbledon White. The 50 Year Limited Edition Mustang GT is a complete package that doesn’t come with any real choices for the buyer – just automatic or manual transmission – and these cars are fitted with literally every other option available for the new Mustang GT including the GT Performance Package. Most notably, the 1,964 special edition 50 Year GT models come with the awesome louvered glass side windows and Wimbledon White paint that you cannot currently get on other models.

Features of the 50 Years Appearance Package
Whether you pick the 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Premium or GT Premium as either a fastback or convertible, the 50 Years Appearance package has the same impact on the look of the car. For $1,595, buyers get 19” Luster Nickel Aluminum Wheels, a unique grille, a unique rear gas cap badge, special floor mats, a chrome tail light bezel, unique leather seat inserts and a package specific dash panel with the 50 Years logo.

This package allows those prospective 2015 Ford Mustang buyers who want the look of the 50 Year Limited Edition Mustang without all of the options or the high price. On one hand, you lose the Wimbledon White paint, the louvered rear quarter windows and the exclusivity of just 1,964 models built. On the other hand, where the 50 Year Limited Edition Mustang GT is nearly $50,000 and it is offered only as a white fastback, this 50 Years Appearance Package makes having a car that looks similar to the limited edition models very affordable. Figure that you can get a 2015 Mustang EcoBoost Premium Fastback with the 50 Year Appearance Package for just $31,590 – and you can get it in any of the ten colors offered for the new Mustang. You can also get it in convertible form for around $37,000 with the EcoBoost droptop and no other options.

So, if you love the look of the 50 Years Appearance Package, but you don’t want to pay nearly $50,000 for one of the 1,964 50 Year Limited Edition Mustang GT Fastbacks, this simple appearance package can provide that look for a fraction of the price.