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Here Are Some 9 New Color Requests for Tesla Model 3

New colors of Tesla Model 3 have emerged online, but those are only color requests by Model 3 fans.

Today a Reddit user Chris Rees posted these nine colors of Tesla Model 3 on Imgur, requesting them from the company as new cool paint options. They are fresh and appealing colors.

I think the colors on the third column are more practical. But some people like the yellow Model 3, saying it makes it look like a sports car. They wish yellow would also be a factory paint option.

Turquoise grey/silver has been a very underused color. But it's really cool. I think it makes the Tesla Model 3 look fresh.

I think it would be great if Tesla Motors offered a pallet of colors rather than just dark red, dark blue, sludge grey, shiny grey, black and white. Some Tesla owners and enthusiasts say that the current selection of colors is so dull. What do you think, do you agree?

On the other hand some people commented in a discussion on Reddit saying Tesla would never introduce these colors because people will not buy them. "They look pretty good, but I would never buy one in that list. I don't think Tesla will introduce these colors. Too few would purchase them," writes user zuperkamelen.

Yet, others suggest that Tesla, in fact, can charge more for special custom colors and give the buyer an option. If you want a color, not currently offered by the company, you pay more. Like in other industries, when you want something extra. Apparently BMW lets you pay about $5,000 or more for any special color you want (not confirmed). No reason Tesla couldn't do the same. Some are willing to pay for what they want. Why not let them?

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Anyway, thanks for posting these colors Chris. If Tesla doesn't offer them on Model 3s, may be owners can do it as DIY project.


Les Gree (not verified)    September 27, 2017 - 2:12PM

Yes I would love the turquoise.
That color is my favorite since I was a boy.
I once saw it on a Miata and loved it. In fact I almost bought the car because it touched me emotionally and of course it was s very good fun car as well.

Porsche used to ( maybe still does??)!offer color match colors on paint and leather.

So why not I ask Tesla be the smart buy and the emotionally stirring car?

Neil MacEachern (not verified)    September 27, 2017 - 3:16PM

I would also like to see some dull (e.g. non-metallic) colours, like those offered by Subaru and Jeep.

Rob Barros (not verified)    September 27, 2017 - 4:40PM

Current palette of Tesla colors is bad enough, that unless Signature Red is available to Day One reservation holders, that alone may be enough to make me pass. Recent news on the (current) lack of radio, but that will get fixed later doesn't help either.

It so very clear this car is still evolving just months away from production!

Just when you think lowered expectations on Model 3 have ended, something new gets revealed.

Michael (not verified)    March 16, 2020 - 1:49AM

I'm coming into a bunch of cash in the near future. I will own a Tesla Roadster.
Or a Model X. Or a Model Y.
I want my car to be custom fitted with every single upgrade possible AND I want the calipers to be the same color of my car, which will be neon Orange.
I also want the rims to be highlighted with the same color of the car and the calipers. I would like to know how much this will cost me? 80-$100k?