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Tesla Model 3 With Silver Aero Wheels With Both Styles on All Colors

Amazing Photoshop, posted on Imgur, shows Tesla Model 3 with silver aero wheels with both styles on all colors. You can see them here in two images.


Today TorqueNews published a story on how to remove and attach aero wheel covers on Tesla Model 3. Now a Reddit user superdeanio made these images showing how silver aero wheels look like on all colors of Model 3. He also opened a discussion on Reddit.

People like them. Some group members say they think silver wheels look so much better on Tesla Model 3 than the black wheels. They hope that silver wheels become an option.

Other's think Tesla should go with the silver wheels vs gray wheels. "That's what Tesla should be doing for the aeros. Grey wheels are a trend just like chrome wheels were," writes another group member participating in the discussion.

I know how busy Tesla employees and the team are now. I remember the phrase by Elon Musk called "production hell" and everything else that comes filling in half a million Model 3 orders. But I think there are nice customization options here that, technically, shouldn't be extremely difficult to offer.

Tesla Model 3 silver aero wheel colorsThe Price Range of Silver Aero Wheel Caps

Assuming Tesla, or the team that works in this department, doesn't have time to work through offering a silver aero wheel cap, what can we expect to pay to have these caps looking like the ones in these pictures? I don't know if there is Do It Yorself product (If you know please comment below), but I some people suggest Plasti Dip spray is probably the best route here. They have a metallic silver spray that you can use. Four cans (one per cap), probably about $50 total if you did it yourself.

Image source: Imgur