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Tesla Already Delivers Model S with New Rear Seat

Here is Tesla's new rear seats for Model S. One of the owners who just bought his Model S, reported having the new back seat in the interior. Note the difference in the middle.

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A Reddit user Krtrice share this picture on Imgur showing the new back seat of the Tesla Model S. He too delivery of his new Model S 75D with red-multi-coat paint and the white premium interior, he writes. He notices that the car includes the new design for the rea seats that were recently reported by Electrek.

Even his delivery specialist was surprised saying to him that this was the first vehicle he had seen with the new rear seats. Krtrice lives in Chicago and the car is delivered in that region.

So what is different in the new Model S rear seat design. Note that the middle seat is noticeably higher up that the other seats. I don't know why Tesla decided to do that, but obviously it's an innovation besides the good looking design. Also the seat belts and buckles are completely black.

"I wonder if that was the best way to make nice bolsters for the outside seats without making the middle seating area too skinny. At least in this case in the middle you're just sitting a little higher, not squished between two side bolsters," comments one other Model S owner.

They do look nice. I understand Fisker Karma also had a similar seating, I heard from a former Karma owner. He says those were very comfortable. I think they would be very comfortable as long as the person sitting in the middle isn't too tall.

But some people don't like the new Model S rear seats.One person said this is the one change he would prefer the older. "I often have 3 people sitting in the back so a flat bench is ideal for me in that situation," he wrote.

What do you think? Which rear seats do you prefer in the Model S, the newer or the older?

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kent beuchert (not verified)    September 9, 2017 - 2:52PM

The Model S is not long for this world - Tesla didn't even bother upgrading its battery pack to match the Model 3.
And Teslais also providing the zmodel 3 with the options that make sense (not many), like a range greater than the lower
tier Model S and dual motors and ludicrous speed option. Sales of Model Shave cratered and the car is being discounted, something Tesla swore they would never do (they do a lot of things they swore they would never do).
Tesla is scared - their $7500 tax credit for buyers disappears shorty after Model 3 hits full scale production. That saddles the Model 3 with a $7500 price disadvantage. Whoops!! No doubt the Musk will campaign to have those tax subsidies eliminated, now that he is on the short end of the stick - "They are no longer needed" he will say. Musk sucks.