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Real Experiences of Nissan Leaf Owners from Dealerships When Buying an EV

Yesterday, when I published the story discussing the 4 most common ways car dealerships steer car buyers away from electric cars I asked several Nissan leaf owners about their experiences when buying a car from a dealership. Here is what they said.


These responses are taken from the Canada Nissan Leaf Owners public group on Facebook where I had posted my story "4 Most Common Ways Dealers Steer Car Buyers away From EVs" for discussion.

Jef Fisher comments about her Nissan and Chevy dealership experiences.

I went to a Chevy dealership about a year ago in Burlington, Ontario with the intention of ordering a Bolt. At the sales reception desk, I said I was interested in the Bolt and only the Bolt and I knew that there were none on the lot. I also said that I was not interested in any other car. The receptionist told me she would contact the Bolt specialist so I waited a few minutes. He came out of his office, said "Oh the Bolt." It's a 5 to 6 month wait time so let's move you into a Cruise."

"I now have 8,000 kilometers (4,970 miles) on my 2018 Nissan Leaf and I really don't think a GM vehicle is ever going to be right for me. Unless they bring back the EV1."

Gregson Lodge writes that the biggest impediment to buying an EV is dealerships that don't sell them. The Leaf has been around since 2011 and the Nissan dealership in Guelph in Canada still doesn't carry them.

"My dealership worked with me," writes John Chartrand. "Mine work with me like buying any other car except they were excited to work with me because I was their first Bolt sale," he adds.

Ernie Dunbar writes "our dealership (Westcoast Nissan, in Pitt Meadows if you were wondering) is all about the EVs it seems. But then, I see something like 5-10% of all cars on the road being electric around here. It's not a small market in the Vancouver area."

What about you? Is your local car dealership big on electric car sales? Please, share your thoughts in the comments section below for discussion.