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Jeepers Discuss The Type Of Coverage They Have on Their Jeeps

What kind of coverage do you have on your Jeep: liability or full coverage?


Today's most active chatter on Jeep Wrangler TJ / LJ Owner's Group on Facebook is about the type of auto insurance coverage Jeep owners have on their Jeep Wranglers. Let us know what you have on your Wrangler or Rubicon. But first let's hear other Jeepers.

Full Coverage

Most Wrangler owners write that they have a full coverage on their Jeeps. Even those, who only write few hundreds miles a year. This means their Wranglers are not their daily drivers and they still argue for a full car insurance coverage.

"I have full coverage," writes a group member named John. "I had a Cherokee that burned, and the insurance company paid me nearly 3 times what I had paid for it. I will never not have full coverage!"

My 98 Jeep has Full coverage with Statefarm. It's a daily driver in Northern California. If something happens at least I can get something back, writes Stanley.

I have a Full coverage. I had a hit and run on me last week. It messed the frame up. As a result, I got a really good check from insurance. - Edward.

I have a Full coverage with a modified vehicle endorsement. It also covers additional equipment. I am paying an extra $15 a month for an additional $30,000 in extras. - Tom.

Liability is what I have, but mine sits in the garage and I don't drive it much. I would go full if it was outside or my daily driver. - Erich

I have full insurance coverage on my 2009 JKU and my 2000 TJ. I did take comp/collision off my 99 Expedition because we just don't drive it anymore. - Baker

Liability Only

My 2.5 TJ cost me only $5,000 dollars.. I only have a liability coverage. Half a year with no crash (in NY) pays for itself. Plus, I do the fixing myself. I don't need them to total it for me. - Lazer

I have the minimum, required by law. - Eric.

On my Jeep Wrangler I have Liability insurance for now because full coverage on my suburban is so expensive. Once I get the suburban sold the Jeep will have full coverage. - Stefan.

What do you have on your vehicle: full or liability coverage? Please let us know in the comments section below and mention the name of your car and mileage. If you liked this article and think it may help your friends, consider sharing or tweeting it to your followers.

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