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Hydrogen vs. Electric Vehicles: a former insider speaks out

Michael Tyrannosaurus Kadie, an Electric vehicle builder, racer who turned his hobby into a career and has been working on electric and hybrid vehicles with his company SSI-Racing since 2007, sent this opinion providing a brief insider view on electric cars vs hydrogen cars.


Having worked on an electric hydrogen fuel cell semi I can tell you the advantages are for the corporations. The electric model allows the consumer to become mostly self contained, whereas the hydrogen model is just the petroleum model with great energy efficiency.

That is to say you put solar panels or wind turbines on your property and your vehicle is charged at home for the maintenance on those devices.

Hydrogen mostly require you to go to a filling station. That said, corporations have money and hydrogen is better than petrol. I personally have two electric cars and am saving money for solar. Use a Tesla PowerWall and you might be self sufficient.

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Image: Tyranno Hybrid Hydrogen Electric fuel class 8 semi that Michael 'T-Rex' worked in in 2008.

Written by Michael Kadie
San Diego


Michael Tyrann… (not verified)    May 5, 2015 - 12:01PM

Hmm, I'm going to have to watch my grammar and spelling a little bit more when I post. This is the second article this week that got picked up from my facebook.