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How to Reserve Fisker EMotion and 4 Considerations on The Full Reveal

Tesla's archnemesis Fisker is making a comback with a 400 mile autonomous EMotion electric car and a Tesla style reservation system.

Although we knew about Fisker EMotion since last summer, it was only at the CES 2018 that Henrik Fisker presented its full-fledged version. Although still a prototype, it beats Tesla Model S by about 80 miles. EMotion's top speed is 160 miles per hour and the chassis is made of carbon fiber to keep the weight lighter.

Regardless, this is an impressive prototype. The clearest one-up over Tesla is the driving range: At 400 miles, it beats the Tesla Model S by about 80 miles (though the new Tesla Roadster has more than both at 620). The car has a top speed of 160 miles per hour, and the chassis is made of carbon fiber, which keeps the overall weight down. Mashable's Pete Pachal Tweeted his initial impressions, writing Fisker EMotion's "futuristic battery tech can get a full charge in 1 minute."

Here is what we know about EMotion's Interior. It has ultra-soft premium leather. Colors are caramel and midnight black. There are 3 driver-orineted screens with center curved screen. There are 4 holders for smartphones with inductive charting ports. The central console is made of carbon fiber and has storage space for tablets and accessories. The seats are first class. It also has an adjustable tinted roof.

Fisker EMotion Reservation Details

Fisker has opened a special page for EMotion preorders and accepts reservations for this unique, beautiful and expensive electric vehicle. It kicked off on June 30th of 2017 with 2,000 dollars per reservation. The starting price is $129,000.

Each reservation is $2,000, and limited to 2 reservations per household.

"Quite a Few Deposits Already"

I have written to Fisker Inc. asking how many people have made reservations so far. I just received this reply from Fisker.

"We have received quite a few deposits already, but will not be releasing the official number just yet," write to Torque News Britt Nicole La Hue, Senior Account Executive on behalf of Fisker from DRIVEN360.

Questions to Consider about Fisker EMotion

1. So they don't have a factory set up? That takes like a year doesn't it? Don't they need to align supply chain once they have the factory too? Then where do you buy or service it?

2. The doors are over complicated.

3. Ask any Karma owner if they will buy another Fisker. That will tell you how well (or not) this will sell. It only caters to those who would equally spend on something as frivolous as a Lamborghini or Ferrari. Some may say prices are in the same range as Tesla Model S and that this is a head on competition with Model S. I think the price of Fisker EMotion is significantly higher than the price of Tesla Model S. I assume only a small subset of Tesla buyers buy a fully loaded Model S P100D, which is the same cost.

4. Even if Fisker comes up with different ranges for difference price categories You need the 400 miles range because there will be no nationwide network of chargers.

The production of Fisker Emotion is expected to start in 2019 by a third-party company. Let us hear your opinions in the comments section below. If you liked this article and think it may help your friends, consider sharing or tweeting it to your followers.

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Fisker EMotion somewhat looks like the Tesla Roadster. Does anyone think the same way too?