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Elon Agrees Tesla May Build a Small Portable Powerwall To Replace a Gas Generator

One day in the foreseeable future Tesla may have a new product: a small portable Powerwall that can replace a gas generator, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk seemed to like the idea.


"I would love to see Tesla build a small portable PowerWall that replaces this," Sunday night tweeted a Tesla blogger, named Whole Mars Catalog. Tesla CEO Elon Musk apparently liked the idea and tweeted a short response, triggering a long thread discussion on the subject of portable Powerwalls replacing the widely-used gas generators. "Maybe one day," responded Elon Musk in a short tweeter reply.

In fact, Whole Mars Catalog also wrote that "The car could actually handle that function much better than a standalone battery if it had power outlets like the Cybertruck will have."

Others think it's not possible because of limitations. "It would be nice but not really possible at this point. I have a gas generator I use at the go kart track that powers our trailer and I can run it for 8-10 hours without AC and about 4 hours with AC. No way to do that with batteries without a huge pack," writes Marc Benton. This is true, but things can improve in the future and for some use cases a small battery would be sufficient. "Not all obviously - but hopefully technology improves over time," writes Whole Mars Catalog.

Consider this: theoretically you could consider your Tesla as one power wall. What we need is one power socket. Semi might be the most popular family RV for long term. This is an idea from another user.

I mean despite battery limitations for a portable Tesla Powerwall, solutions already exist, but of course to match the output and duration (this appears to be on a food truck which has high power requirements) you are looking at several thousand for a battery “solar generator” vs a few hundred for a janky gas powered piece of crap.

In any case, it would be nice to see Tesla cars using their solar panels installed in Tesla vehicles so Tesla owners don't always have to go around looking for charger. I would love to see a Tesla just sits on the parking lot charging itself while an owner goes to work.

Gas Generator

A gas generator is a great tool to have on hand in case of an emergency. It can provide your home with enough power to keep essential appliances running until electricity is restored. They are also a great way to provide temporary power for construction sites, outdoor events, or any other situation where you may need a reliable and consistent source of power. Gas generators are easy to use, reliable and generally very affordable to purchase. They are also a great way to provide back-up power in case of a power outage or natural disaster.

The Case for Tesla To Build a portable Powerwall To Replace Gas Generators

Imagine how clean the air will become in large cities like Manhattan, where gas generators are widely used.

In recent years, Tesla has been leading the way in the development of sustainable energy solutions. Now, as Elon Musk liked the idea, the company, may in the future, start exploring the possibility of creating a portable version of its popular Powerwall home battery system.

The idea behind this portable Powerwall is to provide consumers with an alternative to gas generators, which are a common source of backup power during outages. The Powerwall would be able to provide enough energy to power a home for several hours at a time, depending on the size of the battery.

Unlike gas generators, the Powerwall would be much quieter, require no maintenance, and provide clean energy. This could be a great way for households to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and help the environment.

The Powerwall would also be easy to set up and move around. This could be useful for people who live in areas with frequent power outages or those who enjoy camping or spending time outdoors.

If Tesla brings a portable Powerwall project to fruition, it could revolutionize the way people think about backup power and make it easier than ever to go green.

Do you like the idea, and would you like to see Tesla offering a portable Powerwall to replace gas generators?

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