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Cybertruck 4680 Cybercell Battery Pack Tear Down Yielded Some Neat Shots

Peek inside the Tesla Cybertruck's 4680 battery pack: Cooling mysteries and a new cell design revealed!

Tesla enthusiast Greggertruck has cracked open the Cybertruck's battery pack, offering a rare glimpse into the inner workings of this highly anticipated electric vehicle. The teardown photos of the Tesla Cybertruck's 4680 battery, which come from a teardown video of The Limiting Factor, reveal some interesting details, particularly around the battery cooling system and a new cell design element.

Let's look into Greggertruck's findings and explore what these insights tell us about Tesla's engineering choices for the Cybertruck's powertrain.

Cybertruck 4680 Cybercell battery pack tear down yielded some neat shots.

First, you can see the cooling ribbon running between the cells! It's between all cells, but the contact is not the full length of the cell. I am not sure what Tesla is doing to wick away heat from the center of the cell.

Second, you can see the Cybercell on the left with its different end cap.

Apparently, it's got a cooling bb, like the Tesla Model Y's 4680 batteries do, but they now stake the cell together, instead of crimping it. That's Tesla's manufacturing efficiency.

He is right about the cooling ribbon placement being interesting. It seems odd it doesn't make full contact with the entire cell. Maybe Tesla relies on the pack structure itself to help conduct heat away from the center. Hopefully, someone from Tesla can chime in and shed some light on their cooling strategy.

Tesla Cybertruck 4680 battery cells inside the battery

Also, that's a great catch on the different end cap design on the left cell. Switching from crimping to staking the cell together sounds like a smart move for manufacturability. Staking could potentially be faster and more reliable during production.

Overall, these pics offer a valuable glimpse into the Cybertruck's battery pack. Thanks for sharing your findings. Guys if you want to share your opinion about the Cybertruck and the 4680 battery cells that Tesla is using in its electric truck, please click the red link below and write your comment to join the discussion.

Before you go, here’s an informative comparison of the 4680 and the 2170 battery cells used in Tesla with in-depth information between the cell types and what it means for each cell and how your Tesla model is built.


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