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This Button In Model 3 Looks Like Either Emergency E-Stop of Self-Destruction

Tesla Model 3 is found in San Luis Obispo carrying a big red self destruct button, but some people comment that it may be an emergency e-stop. What do you think?

The pictures of this Tesla Model 3 with this strange red-yellow colored button is posted on Imgur raising questions about its purpose. People in Reddit are actively discussing the purpose of this Model 3 button. Here are some excerpts from the chatter.

Emergency E-Stop?

"This is an Emergency stop button," writes a user with a name dabbax. "To pass all certifications, there needs to be a double security in the drivetrain or in other words a device that controlls the other device. So for example a device that listens to the Canbus Messages and checks if the current from the motor controller matches the current commanded to the inverter. If it is out of tolerance the controlling device cuts power. If this double security is not in place or the software not finished, there needs to be a manual emergency stop button which is often the case in prototypes. In this case the human acts as "controlling device" and for example in case of unwanted accelleration the car can be stopped this way."

Another user commented that this button is an EStop, "but it also nukes the battery irreparably when pressed, seriously." By the way this e-stop looks very identical to this IDEC model here. Thus, this may be a test car, not a production Tesla Model 3.

User dabbax comments again writing this.

This depends on how it is implemented. You can either choose to do the easy way and just disconnect the relays to the battery or you could choose to implement pyrofuses. Which are basically fuses with a bit of explosive in it. Much faster disconnect than a relay. BUT this does NOT destroy the battery. Replace pyrofuse and you are good to roll again. That is what I know is used in car industry (working as technician for EV-part deliverer in Europe). I cannot imagine they did something different and will blow up their battery.

It's implemented in a strange and somewhat awkward way. See this picture.

Tesla Model 3 e-stop button

Another person in the chatter writes that this is nothing new because all release candidates have had their red button.

What do you think about this button in this Tesla Model 3?

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