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When Tesla Will Make 1 Million Cars at Giga Shanghai Yearly


While Elon Musk set an aspiration for Tesla Giga Shanghai to make one million vehicles yearly, there is still distance before Tesla can achieve this goal, says Wu Wa who regularly posts Giga Shanghai video updates on his Youtube Channel.

On the Tesla battery day, Musk placed high hopes on the Tesla GigaFactory3, hoping that its annual output will reach 1 million units, but did not give a specific timetable. We also didn’t get a sense of what a timeline would be to get to 1 million vehicles a year out of Giga Shanghai.

Wu Wa also writes that, "Assuming that the production capacity of 1 million units is increased, Tesla’s sales are also key. In the future, TESLA electric vehicles made in Shanghai will be exported to other countries. This can digest production capacity to a certain extent, but the Chinese market is always the main battlefield, according to local media reports. , Led by the Shanghai Municipal Government and invested by Baidu and other companies, Weimar Electric Vehicles received a D round of financing of 10 billion yuan. The Shanghai government’s intentions show that Tesla cannot be the dominant player in the new energy vehicle market. It is fierce. China’s new energy forces such as NIO, BYD, and Xiaopeng are developing rapidly in China."

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