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Watch How Tesla Model S Races with Ferrari

Tesla Model S. vs Ferrari

This is what happens when Tesla Model S races with Ferrari. Look how well Tesla Does. Here is the Tesla Driver in his own words, originally written as the video's description on Youtube.

I got a chance to drag race a 691-hp Tesla Model S P85D against a Ferrari and a Lamborghini today, and this is what it felt like:
First impressions: The acceleration is ridiculous. I daily drive an Aventador, and I thought I got used to fast accelerations. But no, the Tesla Model S P85D hauled some serious ass. As a passenger, you do not get a chance to get ready for it at all. My internal organs were glued to the back of my body. I’ve done the P85+ test drive before, and it was already pretty fast. But this P85D is on a whole other level.

We pitted the car’s acceleration against other cars. It pretty much beat everything at the car show (Ferraris and R8s didn’t stand a chance). So I had to pit it against my Aventador, which does 0-60 in 2.8-2.9 seconds. Tesla P85D does it in 3.1-3.2 seconds. Right off the bat, the Tesla got ahead. It gets a good maybe half a car length ahead before the Aventador grips fully and starts hauling. So we decided to make it fairer and only accelerate the Tesla when the Aventador grips and starts moving. That’s when we truly got both cars to start moving at roughly the same time.

Drag Race Results (Note: This was completely casual and not in anyway in ideal, scientific conditions - the Aventador was not doing launch control): The Tesla pulled ahead in the beginning by about the hood length. But Tesla never got a chance to pull away. Instead, the Aventador kept up and was slowly cutting the difference between them with each gear shift. By the 50-60 mph, the Aventador caught up. By the 85 mph mark, the Aventador was half a car length ahead and the Tesla was only at 70-75 mph. So from around 0-60, the Aventador and Tesla P85D were pretty much neck and neck. But from 0-30 or so… the Tesla beat the Aventador. This gives you a general idea of how ridiculously fast the P85D is at the jump.

More observation: It feels different as a driver. Since I can anticipate the acceleration, I don’t get the same scare/thrill that I get as a passenger. It’s to a point where I actually enjoyed being a passenger rather than a driver. But after about a dozen of those 0-60 accelerations, I felt like I had to puke - probably the first time I felt this way in many years. It was a different feeling than what I got from an internal combustion engine car, because when you hear the engine roar, you can kind of anticipate the acceleration that comes after it. But since the Tesla is silent, there’s no warning. I think I almost got a concussion from my head suddenly banging into the headrest because of how little anticipation the car gives you. At one point I was in mid-sentence when my driver floored it, and I had trouble getting the words out of my mouth. It really takes your breath away (literally). The acceleration is at the border between fun and frightening.

Needless to say, I’m having one delivered to me on Christmas.

Retardedowners (not verified)    December 27, 2014 - 3:10PM

that is a v8 Ferrari nothing impressive when you rolled from a dig the Ferrari completely got out of throttle because you didn't launch together so he wanted it to be even, electricity does not need petrol to build up compression a Ferrari that is a true f1 Ferrari like a Enzo or F series would shit on a tesla 0-60 is 2.4 seconds vs 3.2 and v12 is made for top speed not launches learn cars bud

USA1 (not verified)    May 15, 2016 - 8:58PM

Uhhhh No. The Ferrari launched, the driver looked over and backed off because the Tesla hadn't gone yet. As he backed off the Tesla launched and got a huge jump.
This happened regularly in rolling street races, it's almost impossible to jump at the same time, but the arrogance of the Tesla driver loses all of his credibility.
Great performance, however (& this is just me) part of the driving experience has always been the sound of the engine and the exhaust. As to why I have never understood people driving wild cars but having earphones blasting their favorite music.
It removes one of the major senses and one of the joys of a motoring purist.

Still a great car and Tesla have done amazing things.