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Tesla Tesla Buyer Nets a Whopping $12,000 Discount After Asking for Reduction

Tesla Buyer Nets a Whopping $12,000 Discount After Asking for Reduction


A Tesla buyer, who prefers to remain anonymous, recently received a pleasant surprise after he complained about missing out on Tesla's recent price cuts. The man had ordered a Tesla Model Y last July for $72,440, but after Tesla announced significant price cuts earlier this month, he contacted Tesla via online chat to ask for a reduction to his order. Initially, a representative informed him that this would not be possible.

The next day, however, the buyer was pleasantly surprised when he received an email from Tesla informing him that the cost of his order had been reduced to $60,440. This was a reduction of about $12,000. Insider has viewed a screenshot of the email.

The Tesla buyer's experience is certainly encouraging for those who may have missed out on Tesla's price cuts and would like to ask for a similar reduction. It is possible that Tesla may be willing to make an exception in certain cases and reduce the cost of the order.

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