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Tesla China Model Y Exceeds an Extremely Formidable Opponent

Tesla China Model Y Exceeds an Extremely Formidable Opponent

Despite the negative narrative Tesla China just achieved some notable milestones. I want to tell you the story so you may know it and share it with your friends.

The narrative surrounding Tesla China today may be dominated by concerns surrounding the company’s alleged demand issues, but the electric vehicle maker Tesla is achieving some notable milestones in its own right. This was hinted at in the local production figures of the Made-in-China Model Y, which exceeded an extremely formidable opponent last month.

The Tesla Model Y, however, turned out to be a different story, and this became particularly noticeable in November. As per local production numbers listed in vehicle data service platform Daas-Auto in China, Model Y production in Giga Shanghai actually overtook the production of the Hongguang Mini EV. In November, Tesla China produced 56,105 Model Y units, while SAIC-GM-Wuling produced 41,181 units of the Hongguang Mini EV.

For now Tesla's only competition is China's BYD. We know BYD will be big in its home market of China, but will it do as well in the rest of the world?

Speaking of Model Y and Mini EV: When you take the price difference into account this is really amazing.

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