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Tesla Builds 1st Permanent Structure at Giga Texas Site


There is a major development at Tesla Giga Texas as Tesla constructs the first major permanent structure.

Torque News friend Joe Tegtmeyer has a new video, that he shared with our community showing the first major permanent structure, which Tesla has now erected at Giga Texas.

Joe says "In the past 15 or so hours, the construction crews have been very busy erecting the first four permanent pillars on the north part of the bigger foundation and tied them together with stringers using they giant crane called "Yellowzilla", which was also moved from the south yesterday. This video captures footage of the crane and crews installing a lot of braces on the top part of the four pillars (kinda like a huge gazebo at this moment in time) and suggests that this is just the first level and they will go higher.

"At present, I'd say the pillars are about 25 feet tall or so. Speaking of pillars, all of the pillars and the structural components are steel which is a different construction method than that in Giga Berlin (actually, it is a lot like Giga Nevada, Giga Shanghai, and Fremont). What is interesting is that the pillars are going up first before the foundation concrete is put down."

Interestingly, these steel pillars are about 25 feet tall and apparently, Tesla is building out the skeleton framework and levels from the center of the foundation out to where Tesla will then build and put up tilt-walls to form the exterior walls.

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