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Tesla Is Building a Factory in China to Make Superchargers


Tesla is about to start building the 2nd factory in China, near Giga Shanghai to make quick chargers for EVs (V3 Superchargers), Reuters reports.

"Tesla Inc said on Thursday it planned to start making electric vehicle (EV) chargers in China in 2021, part of the U.S. carmaker’s push to boost sales in the world’s biggest car market," write Yilei Sun and Brenda Goh in Reuters.

According to this report, Tesla plans to invest 6.4 million US dollars in this new EV charging Battery in China to make 3rd gen quick chargers, known as the Supercharger V3.

Tesla's statement states that it plans to make 10,000 quick chargers next year and that the company expects to complete the factory in the first quarter of 2021.

Since Tesla plans to complete this factory in such a quick period of time, I think this may just be a big assembly line for Tesla's quick chargers. I don't think this is going to be a Tesla Gigafactory for Supercharger production in China. At least for now it will not. Otherwise, how can Tesla build a Supercharger Gigafactory in such a short period of time when it takes a minimum of nine months to build a Gigafactory for car production.

Currently, Tesla makes the V3 superchargers at Giga New York. Tesla first opened V3 stations in 2019, and they can provide up to 15 miles per minute (depending on circumstances). A 1 MW charge box supplies 4 stalls at 250 kW each.