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Power Coming To Tesla Giga Berlin and Hearings Continue 7th Day


On the seventh day of Tesla hearing, two parts of the Paint Build are united and further isolators are installed at the electrical outdoor switchgear.

Our friend Jurgen writes the following update about Giga Berlin.

"Major construction progress on the site. The two parts of the Painting (PT) building are united, first cross beams are installed," writes Jurgen. He also adds that "further isolators are installed at the electrical outdoor switchgear. Giga Berlin will soon be supplied with 110kv power."

According to El Pro Cus, "The isolator can be defined as; it is one type of mechanical switch used to isolate a fraction of the electrical circuit when it is required. Isolator switches are used for opening an electrical circuit in the no-load condition. It is not proposed to be opened while current flows through the line. Generally, these are employed on circuit breaker both the ends thus the circuit breaker repair can be done easily without any risk."

According to RBB 24, in Erkner on Thursday citizens, officials, and Tesla employees again discussed the Tesla factory being built in Grünheide. It is about more than 400 objections that have been received against the plant of the US electric car manufacturer at the State Environment Agency.

On the seventh day of the public hearing, 26 citizens came to the town hall in Erkner. At the beginning of the discussion last Wednesday, 100 participants were still present. The topics of traffic, regional planning law, and building law were on the agenda on Thursday.

Near Giga Berlin, there will be no gas stations, but charging stations.

Tesla expects that around 2,100 employees' cars will drive to the site per shift. The company assumes one person per vehicle. Three shift changes are planned every day, at 6 a.m., 2 p.m., and 10 p.m. The vehicles are to reach the factory premises via two junctions on Landstrasse 38 and via a temporary exit onto the A 10. When asked by a citizen, Alexander Riederer from Tesla said that no gas stations were planned around the Giga factory. However, there should be charging stations for e-cars.

Tesla objectors call for spatial planning procedures.

Several citizens have applied for a so-called spatial planning procedure to investigate the consequences of industrial settlement on nature. This has not yet existed, as has an environmental impact assessment. Jan Thiele, the lawyer for the Grünheide community, justifies these proceedings by stating that there is already a legally binding development plan, insofar as an examination is not required. It was also criticized that the development plan is almost 20 years old. Many objectors consider it no longer appropriate because the settlement of Tesla has had a significant impact on the region.

Hope for an end soon
The discussions are objective and constructive, but tough. The State Environment Agency nevertheless hopes that the discussion of the objections can be concluded on Friday. Then it should come to the topics of occupational safety, environmental, and climate protection. However, discussion leader André Zschiegner does not rule out that the talks will continue next week. The Erkner town hall will then continue to be available as a location.

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