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Does The Cybertruck Fit the Boring Company's Tunnel?

Elon Musk and Jay Leno Talk about the 2020 Tesla Cybertruck


Yesterday when Jay Leno and Elon Musk were shown driving the Cybertruck in Jay Leno's Garage episode, the conversation ended in both of them entering the Cybertruck into the Elon Musk's Boring Company's Los Angeles tunnel.

Update: Elon Musk Tweeted last Saturday after this report that after reviewing with Tesla's Chief designer they can't make the Cybertruck smaller.

The teaser, which CNBC removed this morning, ends with Leno and Musk preparing to take the Cybertruck through The Boring Company's Los Angeles tunnel.

Leno's conversation with Musk ended with The Boring Company in mind, both wondering if the massive electric truck can fit the one-and-a-half-mile tunnel. It looks like Leno and Musk drove into the tunnel for curiosity's sake, but we can only confirm that on its full episode, but which one? I guess we have to watch each episode to find out.

"The Cybertruck's size will need to be smaller just from a practicality and usability point of view. it would kill potential sales if the Cybertruck could not fit into your average-sized garage. There are always changes from prototype/show vehicles to make them practical and usable for real owners and real driving (and parking) situations. As for driving the Cybertruck into the tunnel, we will have to wait and see if it fits on the show," says Torque News contributor Dean McManis.

Jay Leno's Garage airs every Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. ET on CNBC.

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