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Company Is Producing What Looks Like a Fake Tesla Brand Alcohol in China


It looks like this company is making fake Tesla brand alcohol in China. This is a potential lawsuit from Tesla against this company unless it's authorized by Tesla.

Today Torque News friend Jay in Shanghai who regularly tweets Tesla China videos from Gigafactory Shanghai, shared this conveyor video and billboard ad showing a Tesla Motors brand alcohol. If Tesla is in a new alcohol business in China we don't know. But Jay says in a tweet that this is a fake brand.

People comment saying the Chinese government will not tolerate this if it's fake as China improves its image in the business environment. Tesla hasn't said anything about it.

The only alcohol business we know from Tesla is "Teslaquila." Tesla’s highly-popular tequila product launched in early November, and it sold out in just a few hours.

Joey Klender of Teslarati reports that the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT), the entity responsible for the regulation and authorization of everything tequila related, wasn’t sure that the name “Teslaquila” would be completely clear to some. Martin Muñoz, the CRT’s Head of Certification, stated that the name “Teslaquila” might cause confusion or misunderstanding about the origin of the product. Additionally, Mexican industrial property law denied the trademark because the word “Teslaquila” evokes the word tequila, which cannot be registered as a trademark or a brand, The Verge reported.

Tesla Tequila deliveries have started just in time for the holidays. A Reddit user reported receiving his Tesla Tequila order on November 30 from Palmetto, Florida. According to the Redditor, he did not receive a message before the package arrived.

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