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A 2020 Ford Bronco Reveal Is Really Near, Shows Ford Video

Ford looks to modernize the classic Bronco. Little is known about the 2021 Ford Bronco but so much is anticipated for this off-road icon.

Anticipation continues to build for the relaunch of one of the most iconic SUVs ever. In fact, one could argue the Ford Bronco launched the modern-day SUV. And we haven’t seen a new Bronco for 24 years now, so the demand is at frenzy. For almost four years now, Ford has teased us with hype videos, teaser shots and flat-out rumors about a new Bronco coming in 2020. In fact, search Torque News Ford Bronco to read our previous coverage on Ford Bronco.

Ford released this video showing the Bronco being run and punished in the Mojave Desert. The Johnson Valley, located in the Mojave Desert, is famous for other punishing motorsports series like King of the Hammers. In the video, you can see the new-look Bronco, still clad in camouflage being pushed to the limit crawling up rocks and racing across the sand.

Ford said their engineers are putting this rugged SUV to tests like this to ensure that Bronco enthusiasts will be satisfied with the 4x4 Bronco’s overall performance. To be honest, it’s imperative that Ford do the Bronco right. There is a significant amount of passion amongst Bronco enthusiasts and Ford can’t play it too safe with it. I’d love to see Ford offer a new-look version of the Bronco, but also maybe add some retro vibes to it as well.

What We Know About the New Ford Bronco
The Bronco will share the platform with the Ford Ranger, which means it will be manufactured at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant. Ford confirms that the Bronco’s powertrain and rugged chassis will be based on their global T6 architecture. This means it will have a fully boxed, body-on-frame. This should be music to the ears of the enthusiasts as this will likely mean the Bronco will have amazing off-road abilities and compete with the likes of the Jeep Wrangler.

Unconfirmed rumors hint that the Bronco may in fact have an aluminum body. This might give pause to some of the off-road enthusiasts, although very little issues with the aluminum body of the F-150 have been reported. Granted, you don’t often take the aluminum body F-150 over rocks or off the road. But still, Ford seems to have perfected the aluminum body and I don’t believe that will be a much of an issue for the new Bronco.

Of concern to many is whether Ford will put the 2.3-liter Ecoboost engine from the Ranger into the Bronco. This engine makes 270 horsepower 310 lb.-ft. of torque. Old schoolers are still lukewarm about performance-oriented vehicles with such a small engine. But again, Ford has really revolutionized turbo boosting their engines and getting maximum power and performance. Still, I believe there’s going to be an Ecoboost option, but also hopefully something more powerful too (Bronco Raptor, maybe?).

All indications are that the Bronco will be a four-door SUV and not the classic two-door variant. My guess is the first model will only have four-door, but Ford could play to a niche market and offer the Bronco in a two-door version later in the model year or even as a throwback version, which would be awesome. According to public patents, Ford appears to be poised to have removable parts (doors and maybe even the roof) from the new Bronco. Again, that would be a real win for this vehicle and would appeal to the Bronco fans and also rival the Wrangler.

When Will The Ford Bronco Go On Sale?
The buildup to the Bronco has been tremendous. In fact, many of us are tired of hearing about it and ready for some more information and photos. Ford has done a great job of keeping us all in suspense. But, the all-new sixth generation of America’s original “sports utility vehicle,” makes its world premiere this spring and should go on sale as a 2021 model year.

I wrote earlier at Torque News on how 2020 will be a very important year for the Ford Motor Company. Ford properly building and launching the Bronco is integral to that success.

See you in my next story discussing why Ford Ranger is losing to the Jeep Gladiator and how Ford can improve the Ranger.

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