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Pricing Is Revealed, but I Wouldn't Order a New Corvette Yet Because There Will Be Constraints

This is the the second best day in Corvette history that everyone has been waiting for. The pricing of the new 2020 Corvette is revealed, but if I were you I wouldn't place my order in yet. Here is why.

The C8 Mid-Engine Corvette was one of the most hyped cars for a while now outside of the Supra. Everyone was wondering how Chevrolet was going to pull this off without letting all the previous and future Corvette owners down.

Especially not just with pricing of a Mid-Engine sports car compared to its competitors but honestly building the car in general. On July 18, 2019 Chevrolet proved to the world they were able to build a Mid-Engine Corvette for under $60,000.

2020 Mide engine corvette logo

Most of the world was in shock once hearing that price but had to wait until August 15, 2019 to hear more about the official pricing. But little do they know just because pricing was released doesn’t mean they will be receiving their C8 Mid-Engine Corvette any time soon. Before we get into why you should not run to the dealership to place your order. Let’s talk about the pricing of the trim levels.

Starting MSRP

As I stated before the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette will start around $59,995 and facts to prove that Chevrolet released that same number to the world today. Which includes starting MSRP at $58,900 and the dealership freight charge of $1,095 which gives you the total of $59,995 for a Mid-Engine supercar.

Trim Levels Pricing

For those that are wanting a base model Mid-Engine Corvette you are looking at $59,995 for the 1LT trim level.

For those that are looking for the sweet spot with a little more additional features than the 1LT trim level you would want the 2LT starting at $67,295. I call this the sweet spot because you are truly getting the bang for your buck with this trim level as I own a C7 Corvette GrandSport with 2LT.

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If you are looking to load your car up with a lot of options then you should consider the 3LT trim level which starts at $71,945. This is just the price for the Stingray but if you are interested in the Z51 package then add $5,000 on top of your price listed above. I would say still a good price for a Mid-Engine sports car with a 0-60 time under 3 seconds.

But wait there’s more

Before you call or run to the dealership to place your order you most know this. Placing your order before all of the pricing is release is a bad idea why because not all of the options has pricing just yet. On top of that once you place your order it could seat at 1100 order status for an entire year because of constraints. What are constraints?


Constraints are options that Chevrolet may have on hold because their vendors aren’t able to provide the supplies they need. For instance if you are interested in Carbon Fiber pieces on your C8 Mid-Engine Corvette that will be on constraint. If you are interested in certain colors like Yellow or Rapid Blue your car will be on hold even longer because of the constraints as well. These are the reasons why you should wait until all final pricing comes out before placing your order. If you are interested in getting your C8 Mid-Engine Corvette early then make sure you know all of the constraints. Along with making sure you know what options are on constraint as well.

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See you in my next story where I am covering the 2020 C8 Corvette unanswered questions.

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