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Ranking Every Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Color Worst to First

What are the best and worst Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro colors, and how did your favorites do?

Time for some fun. Let’s rank every Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro color from the worst all the way up to the best.

And for this exercise, I turn to one of my best friends, who is also an expert in this field.

Special TRD Pro Consultant

Jon Gangloff, better known to his loyal Toyota truck and SUV enthusiast community as TRD JON, knows a thing or two about Toyota 4Runner.

He started his TRD JON YouTube channel (little known fact: the TRD in TRD JON stands for Toyota Review Dude and not Toyota Racing Development) by showing off and customizing his 2018 4Runner TRD Pro in Cavalry Blue.

You can follow his YouTube (70,000 subscribers) and Instagram (116,000 followers) here.

In Jon’s latest YouTube video, he gives his personal rankings of every unique Toyota TRD Pro color from 2015 to 2023. Nine colors and nine spots on the list.

I thought it would be fun to see how his list compares against my readers.

Toyota TRD Pro Colors

Toyota began introducing an annual signature color for its TRD Pro lineup of trucks and SUVs back in 2015 with Inferno. Since then, buyers have been able to choose Quicksand, Cement, Cavalry Blue, Voodoo Blue, Army Green, Lunar Rock, Lime Rush, and Solar Octane.

A new color every year. Sometimes neutral, sometimes super cool, and sometimes flashy. But always awesome.

I tried my own rankings in a December 2020 Torque News story, but I feel my list has evolved since then. I will make a new list soon and post it here for you to pick apart.

Time for the 4Runner TRD Pro colors list. How did your favorites do?

9) Cement
2017 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Cement back end profile

The exclusive color for 2017 Toyota 4Runner and Tacoma and Tundra. This one combines a little silver with gray and cement mixed in. I find it tough and rugged and earthy and classic.

8) Quicksand
2016 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Quicksand profile

Beige meets rock meets sand in this 2016 4Runner classic. Yes, Toyota Tundra and Tacoma look great with it too.

7) Army Green
2020 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Army Green profile

Military tough is the look on the 2020 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro. You can try to camouflage this one in the forest and it works pretty well. Believe me, I’ve tried.

6) Lime Rush
2022 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Lime Rush profile

Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro went bright, bright, bright with this 2022 offering. You may know that Tacoma TRD Pro debuted with a similar, but different, Electric Lime Metallic this year as well.

5) Lunar Rock
2021 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Lunar Rock profile

Jon really liked 4Runner Lunar Rock but explained that since so many Toyota models carry this paint color, it may have lost its novelty a bit. Lunar Rock is one of my favorites, and I was thrilled this was added for the 2021 model year.

4) Inferno
2015 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Inferno profile

The one that started it all – Inferno. A cross between orangish and reddish for 2015, Inferno made a splash in the Toyota Tundra and Tacoma and 4Runner worlds.

3) Voodoo Blue
2019 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Voodoo Blue profile

Brilliant in the sun. If you like a dazzling blue hue, this 2019 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro may have been for you.

2) Cavalry Blue
2018 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Calvary Blue profile

Buyers in 2018 jumped at the first blue 4Runner TRD Pro (well, Tundra TRD Pro and Tacoma TRD Pro too). Cavalry Blue was my top pick last ranking. I wonder if another color has knocked it down since then.

1) Solar Octane
2023 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Solar Octane profile

Perhaps the boldest and brightest and in-your-face one of them all, Solar Octane made its triumphant debut this year for 2023 Toyota Tacoma, Sequoia, Tundra, and 4Runner.

Time for your Toyota 4Runner Comments

How did the TRD JON list compare with yours? Feel free to rank these TRD Pro colors in the comments section.
Also, what do you think the new 2024 TRD Pro color will be? What do you think it SHOULD be?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story.

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Kate R (not verified)    October 14, 2023 - 6:38PM

I just got my solar octane 4Runner about a month ago. I absolutely LOVE it! It’s my favorite of the TRD colors. With voodoo blue a close 2nd