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Surprise Coming for Two 2023 Toyota 4Runner Trims

It just got easier to find a specific 2023 Toyota 4Runner. Here is how to get it.


4Runner is one of the most intriguing Toyota models I have ever seen. It is one of the least advertised vehicles, but people continue buying them over and over and over. Customer demand is crazy right now.

Especially if you have been searching for a Lime Rush 4Runner.

2023 Toyota 4Runner Lime Rush
2023 Toyota 4Runner TRD Sport Lime Rush profile view front end

The exclusive hero color for 2022 4Runner TRD Pro is Lime Rush (not to be confused with Electric Lime Metallic Tacoma). For last model year, the only way to find Lime Rush 4Runner was on a TRD Pro.

And for those people who have been searching far and wide to find any Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro, let alone in Lime Rush color, you have probably figured out just how challenging of an adventure this is turning out to be.

Some would say you may have an easier time finding a clover with four leaves, a pink unicorn, or a “ToyotaJeff Reviews” YouTube video without cheesy dad jokes.

However, if Lime Rush is the color for you and you absolutely must have it, life may have just gotten a little bit easier.
Sort of, at least.

2023 4Runner TRD Off-Road
2023 Toyota 4Runner TRD Sport Lime Rush profile view front end

As has become a Toyota tradition of sorts, the previous year 4Runner TRD Pro exclusive color will often carry over to other trim levels the following year.

For example, you can find Lunar Rock (the 2021 TRD Pro color) on certain 2022 4Runner grades other than TRD Pro.

This year, both 4Runner TRD Off-Road and 4Runner TRD Sport carry Lime Rush for 2023. This opens up all sorts of possibilities for potential buyers.

Time for Your Toyota 4Runner Comments
2023 Toyota TRD Pro Solar Octane Tacoma Tundra 4Runner

If you have not heard yet, the 2023 4Runner TRD Pro signature color is Solar Octane (think bright orange highlighter color). It is amazing and brilliant and cool looking if you get to see it in person.

Thanks for reading everyone. Are you in the market for a new Toyota 4Runner, and if so, what trim level is the one you have your eye on?

Have you been searching for a 2023 Toyota 4Runner? How has your hunt been going? What experience do you have with 4Runner?

See you next story.

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