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Next-Gen 2022 Toyota Tundra: 5 Changes We Want to See

We list the top updates we would like to see on the newly redesigned 2022 Tundra. See how your wish list compares.


The world is waiting. Waiting and watching. For what, you ask? Well, for many things, I would imagine. However, in this case I am referring to the big next-generation Toyota Tundra.

We turn our attention this time, my friends, to the rumored 2022 Tundra. For a couple years, the word around the gigantic automotive world water cooler was we would be looking at a new 2021 Tundra. But this has been pushed back to an all-new 2022 model year. As of now, we think we will see a completely redesigned Tundra at the end of calendar year 2021.

Now for the good stuff. What we would like to see.

A new powertrain for 2022 Tundra

This is one of the most polarizing topics surrounding Toyota Tundra these days. Especially with manufacturers temporarily suspending production all over the world. We need things to talk about folks. The all-new 2022 Toyota Tundra will surely come in with a new engine-transmission pairing.

It looks as though the current, very reliable and trusted 5.7-liter V8 engine will be gone. I expect the 6-speed automatic transmission to be replaced as well.

2020 Toyota Tundra CrewMax Barcelona Red profile and front end

The most current rumor is we can expect to see a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine. Not sure of the transmission yet. Perhaps an 8-speed automatic transmission?

Yes, it will be sad to see this incredibly reliable V8 engine disappear from the Tundra lineup. However, what if we are looking at power expectations of around 450 horsepower and 500 lb.-ft. torque? Will that pique your interest a little?

2022 Tundra redesigned interior

One of the main beefs we have with newer Toyota Tundra models is that we are generally looking at an interior that feels a little outdated. It is time for a more modern, technology-rich interior cabin.

Toyota did a very good thing by refreshing the 2020 Tundra with larger multimedia touch screens, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Amazon Alexa compatibility. Also upgraded with these applications are 2020 Tacoma, 4Runner and Sequoia. We need and expect to have technology in our cars, trucks and SUVs.

Tundra is no exception.

Toyota has almost always shied away from leading the pack with “extra technology” features in place of making sure they get it right before introducing it to the public. This is clearly a drawback and area for improvement in the eyes of most consumers.

You can also look at this as one reason Toyota is known for long-term reliability and dependability. They want to ensure things will go smoothly before we sit in and it and test it and purchase it.

What features would you like to see technology-wise?

A new exterior for next-gen Tundra

Does it feel sometimes like we have been staring at the same body style Toyota Tundra since 2007? In some ways we have. Sure, it has been refreshed over the years and tweaked here and there.

We are ready for something new.

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I expect we will, in the next year or so, start to see glimpses and more spy shots for our new Tundra. Will it have a more streamlined look such as we see in the all-new 2020 Highlander? Will it be chunkier and bulkier and meaner looking? It is all just speculation on my part for now. But it does need to change.

A longer 2022 Toyota Tundra CrewMax

We currently have variations of Tundra Double Cab and CrewMax configurations. You can buy a Double Cab with 6.5’ and 8.1’ bed lengths. You can also find CrewMax its its lone 5.5’ bed choice.

People have been asking for a longer CrewMax variation, and I strongly feel they will get their wish. Rumors have been circling the automotive world that Toyota is tinkering with a CrewMax that will also feature a 6.5’ bed length. You can have amazing rear seat passenger space and also the bed area to do the work you need it to do.


A 2022 Tundra Hybrid

This is a near certainty. Some trim levels of the next-gen Toyota Tundra will be available with a hybrid power plant. This is the way Toyota is going.

By the year 2025, Toyota will produce at least 1 of every 4 vehicles with a hybrid or alternative fuel option.

This will happen in the 2021 Sienna. It will also happen with the upcoming 2021 Venza. Exciting times are coming.

Truck fans and enthusiasts will need to be confident that a Tundra Hybrid will have the power they need, improved MPG and towing capabilities worthy of the Tundra name.

Time for your thoughts on next-gen Tundra

Can you handle the wait for a new next-gen Tundra? This is the main question we need to ask ourselves first. Then, what are some “wish list” items that you want to see when the shiny brand new next-generation Tundra comes out?

How did my list compare with yours?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story when I compare 2020 Toyota RAV4 vs 2020 Honda CR-V.

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Digitaldoc (not verified)    April 27, 2020 - 4:34PM

Would be nice to see Toyota put some turbos into the lineup. A turbocharged V-6 is quite intriguing, and I would like to see turbocharged engines available throughout their lineup of vehicles.

Corey (not verified)    May 12, 2020 - 2:59PM

It would be nice to have a "sportsmans" version with a lower bed height. Not everyone is a contractor needing those high bed heights that are hard to reach over. Trying to setup your hunting camp is difficult if you can't reach over the bed walls and have to climb up into the back for every item.

Braydon Zuk (not verified)    May 24, 2020 - 10:55AM

First off thanks for your dedication on the Tundra!!
2022 Tundra needed improvements.

I have owned a Tundra from each generation and currently have a 2014 5.7L.

Powertrain: 5.0L V8 naturally aspirated 420hp 430-440ft/lbs would be a nice send off for the V8 Lineage. Also have a V8 Hybrid option.
8 speed Transmission.

Towing: Rigid Frame for less body sway. Its great already but this is a new model..

Would be nice Not to have the Power cut when towing uphill. Even with a small boat or trailer up a steep hill the computer cuts the power. This is not right and needs to be remedied.

Locking Rear diff at a minimum and the ability to easily disengage the traction control. I dont need the power cut to the wheels when i am driving on a sandy road or trying to power through snow. This is really annoying.

General driving feel: Keep the light steering and improve the cornering and body rocking a bit.

It is still better then other truck makes. An F-150 makes me car sick, feels like your in a old boat.

2nd fuel tank option

Ability to run 37” Tires without having to do a
Body Mount Chop.
Ideally toyota should co-develop a new All terrain tire at 38” height 12.50 or narrower for the TRD Pro.

Few hundred pounds increase in payload.
DO NOT lighten the rear end. That weight is needed for traction on snow and ice. It also helps to smooth out washboard roads and keep your wheels planted.

Box Accessibility: This needs to be addressed!!
My dad is a lifelong Toyota man whom switched to a F-150 because he couldnt climb up into the box of his own truck. You need a ladder or something of the like.
Also a power locking tailgate with tight seals to prevent dust from entering.

Chrome trim in interior: This is a hazard when the sun reflects off of it.

120V plug for the bed and Led lighting around the truck.

Increased approach angle and departure angle that doesnt involve scrapping tailpipes first.

Im sure theres a few more but these are issues that need to be fixed with the Next Gen Tundra.

Dont lose the V8 just quite yet. It needs a send off and your Loyal Fans will be greatly disappointed if you do not.

I will not buy a new Tundra if there is no V8 option and i have driven them since 2005.!!!!

Braydon Zuk (not verified)    May 24, 2020 - 11:14AM

I forgot to mention 20” Bead-lock Rims to go with those 37-38” Tires. This is important for looks, better handling and well quite Frankly.

You have to make a statement !!

Mike Sweers and the rest of you at Toyota in Japan. The Loyalist Tundra owners and every pickup truck enthusiast couldnt help but awe at a new V8 Tundra with all the aforementioned combined and resolved.
Most importantly when it comes with your Takumi
Quality and Dedication.

Thank you Toyota and i really hope you can make this happen.

Jim S. (not verified)    June 29, 2020 - 3:17AM

Please keep the some form. Please attempt to catch up to the big 3 in total towing capacity. They are fairly well behind the big 3 in that category. No matter what they come up with, reliability has to be # ONE. Design a truck, to do the work a truck is bought to do, ease up on the Eye Candy aspect the big 3 gravitate to.