2019 Toyota 4Runner Nightshade Blizzard Pearl rear end profile view
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Just In: 2022 Toyota 4Runner to Discontinue 2 Grades – Replaced with Something New

Learn the two Toyota 4Runner grades that will be replaced for 2022. Plus, what comes next?

This is the time of year we find out a lot of new information about the vehicles we love.

Automobile owners begin learning what will become of their favorite cars, trucks and SUVs for the upcoming model year. Torque News has uncovered some breaking news about one of the most popular and beloved Toyota models.

Toyota 4Runner.

A couple trim levels will be discontinued and replaced with something new.

2022 Toyota 4Runner news

Look for Toyota to abandon the Nightshade Special Edition and Venture Special Edition for the 2022 4Runner model year.

Toyota plans to replace these with something entirely new. Something that is still unnamed and unknown.

Look for an official announcement in the coming weeks. For now, though, we can just sit back and wait for what is next.

No more Toyota 4Runner Nightshade

2019 Toyota 4Runner Nightshade Special Edition Blizzard Pearl profile view back end

I am excited for a new 4Runner grade next year, but I am sad to see Nightshade go as well. This was one of my favorite 4Runner trims.

4Runner Nightshade was introduced to the market for the 2019 model year as a sporty alternative to 4Runner Limited.

VIDEO YOU MAY ENJOY: My friend Sierra and I compare 4Runner Limited vs 4Runner Nightshade

Instead of bright chrome, Nightshade offers darker black chrome accents throughout.

Toyota 4Runner Venture

2021 Toyota 4Runner Venture Special Edition Classic Silver profile view

The 4Runner Venture Special Edition was brought to market for 2020 model year. This one appeals to outdoor enthusiasts and offers versatility.

You can spot it from afar with its roof basket on top and cool TRD alloy wheels. Venture also comes with off road tools like locking rear differential, crawl control and multi-terrain select.

2022 Toyota 4Runner release date

I recently wrote a Torque News story where I predicted a retail market launch for 2022 4Runner. I expect you will start seeing it at your local Toyota dealerships around September-October.

It will be interesting to see what comes next for Toyota 4Runner. I do not think it will be completely redesigned for 2022, but I have been wrong before.

I would not be surprised to see a familiar grade pop up in the 4Runner lineup at some point. Something, say, like the new Woodland Edition just announced for 2022 Sienna. Or maybe a 4Runner XSE.

Probably not 4Runner Woodland, though. My Magic 8 Ball suggests “all signs point to no” for that scenario.

I will find out when you do. When Toyota reveals all. More than likely in the next several weeks.

Time for your Toyota 4Runner comments

Thanks for reading everyone.

Will you miss having 4Runner Nightshade and 4Runner Venture as options for purchase?

What new trim level / grade would you like to see with 2022 4Runner?

Is there some feature you wish Toyota 4Runner had that it does not have now?

These might be great topics for future articles.

See you next story.

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Maybe the Trailhunter trim that Toyota did a trademark on? Hope they add blindspot monitor to it.
Would like a beefy dual exhaust to go with the beefy exterior.
Lipstick on a pig. This model badly needs to be rebuilt from the ground up with twice the fuel economy.
Yeah, you've not going to see 30+mpg in a 4runner anytime soon. Next gen will probably be up in the mid 20's, and they'll probably be with the Hybrids they're likely to bring out. Honestly, I'd be happy with a 4runner Prime at launch of the 6th gen, but also, my 5th gen still has 300K+ miles left in it before I replace it so...
Only way you're getting that is if they make it a hybrid.
4 runner and fuel economy don't really belong in the same sentence. If you're looking for mpg's, then you've either missed the point of this vehicle, or don't understand it. Why would toyota redesign it? If it ain't broke, why fix it...
We really liked the 4runner, but ended up getting a full sized pickup because the full economy was better but still had good offroading ability.
Need blind spot eliminator....need lift assist for hatch...need hands free lift assist activated by foot....need lane keeper...need better fuel mileage engine technology needs updating. Ford has 100 more horses and 4 mpg better. Never give up the roll down rear window.
4Runner has Lane departure alert since 2020 model, 4.0L engine is so bulletproof and sales increasing...sounds like they have it figured out already
Completely agree with all Of the above. Automatic lift gate is a must! Also the Interior rear mirrors on the cargo area like the 4th gen. Lane assist would be a nice add. Heads up driving with nave and speed in the windshield would be a huge jump for Toyota but very welcome!
2nd row bucket seats…only thing stopping me from getting one right now.
I love the Nightshade model and I’m glad I got my hands on one already! I would like to see captain seats in the new 4Runner, even if they don’t update anything else, which they really need to do.
I love my 2012 forerunner. Would love to have a new one but I can’t manage the lift gate anymore. Wish they would do power lift gate.
Blind spot monitoring, dual exhaust, V8/better towing capacity and abilities for larger objects.
More second row leg room and bucket seats and a better performing engine.
Do you want forever performing engine (mpg) or longest lasting engine cause as of right now it's the longest lasting engine
Any idea if the new Forerunner will Have features like a power lift gate, blind spot monitoring , heated/cooled seats??
Needs something other than that fossil of a 5 speed tranny. I know its tried and true and reliable as it gets but contributes to its extremely poor mpg
Can we please put a 6 speed or 8 speed transmission for better fuel mileage. That power plant is extremely outdated as well, wouldn't mind seeing a turbo or supercharger added to that.
How about a removable top. Take it back to where it all started. Add a 3rd row seat back there, now we're talking..
Yes and Yes! A removable top and 3rd row seats! Also, a power lift for back hatch. Id cancel my reservation for a Bronco for all that!
More horsepower and more torque, 8 speed tyranny. Power lift gate.
Would love to see paint options similar to the Tacoma like the Desart Sand!
Bring back the Imperial Jade Mica color, make the hood scoop standard, at least add the Tacoma 6 speed tranny, add phone app aync tech (remote start) ect.
Simple request. . .manuel transmission. . .its sad everything automatic nowadays. . .
supppperrr bummed about the nightshade elimination.... was planning to get a 2023 4runner nightshade limited...
My 4Runner Wish List: Pano Roof, 8 or 9 speed transmission, Upgraded console with larger screen and a higher end audio option. I hope not much is done to the outside - the exterior design is outstanding.
Modernize the 4th generation body including Phev w/ well over 100 electric miles, large pano roof, while keeping up the standard for off road capability & its signature qualities. If Ford can modernize the Bronco, Toyota can surely modernize the original 4runner.
I have a Limited Nightshade and absolutely love it! I see people asking for 3rd row option, I have it. Heated and cooled seats, I have that as well. I was told they would not do the automatic lift because the lifetime warranty would not be available to cover it. The blind spot or lane assist, the 2020s offer it but the 4Runner doesn't have blind spots. The dealer told me it didn't. Being the cautious driver I think I am, i had to test it so we have played with it. I still haven't found any. I love the Nightshade and really hate that it is going away. Guess I will be keeping mine until something catches my eye enough to trade.
I have a 2019 white 4Runner Limited Nightshade and love it. Get compliments all the time. Not sure why Toyota discontinued it and didn’t replace it with anything new on 2022 model wise. Wish mine had the lane change and other upgrades that is needed.