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Comparing Cargo Space - 2021 Toyota RAV4 vs 2021 Venza (with Video)

See how 2021 Toyota Venza stacks up against 2021 RAV4 in cargo capacity and passenger space.

There is a new kid in town. The 2021 Toyota Venza is back. In fact, you may already find it at your local dealerships across the country.

Venza is luxurious and stylish and filled with technology and safety, even at the LE entry level. But where does it fall in terms of cargo and passenger space?

2021 Toyota Venza Limited coastal gray profile view cargo space

Toyota positions 2021 Venza between a RAV4 and a Highlander in terms of size. Many people are wondering, though, how RAV4 and Venza compare in interior space.

People are comparing 2021 RAV4 and Venza

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“Does Venza or RAV4 have more cargo space?” Wondered Joe.

Connie asked. “I thought Venza was supposed to have more interior room. Can you compare the two Jeff?”

“Please make a video comparing RAV4 Limited vs Venza Limited. I’m torn and can’t decide.” Suggested Phantom12.

“I was targeting a 2021 RAV4 but I just saw Venza at a dealership. Wow!” Said Ahmed.

2021 Toyota RAV4 XLE Premium Lunar Rock profile view cargo space

“Can you settle this for me Jeff. Which holds more luggage – Venza or RAV4?” Pondered Tiffany.

2021 RAV4 vs Venza cargo space

2021 Toyota RAV4 XLE Premium Lunar Rock cargo space

An important piece of information to learn when researching vehicles is the amount of cargo space available.

The 2021 Toyota RAV4 offers 69.8 cubic feet cargo volume behind the front seats and 37.5 cubic feet (or 37.6, depending on if you have a moonroof or not) behind the second row.

VIDEO: Compare 2021 Toyota Venza interior versus 2021 RAV4.

This cargo capacity is greater than that provided by 2021 Toyota Venza. It gives passengers 55.1 cubic feet (or 54.9) behind the front seats and 28.8 cubic feet (or 28.7) behind the rear seats.

2021 Venza passenger space vs RAV4

Both vehicles are comfortable and seat both front and rear passengers quite well. I was surprised to find that both 2021 Venza and 2021 RAV4 have similar leg room and head room.

2021 Toyota Venza Limited coastal gray cargo space

For front seat passengers, expect 40.9 inches of leg room in 2021 Venza and 41.0 inches in RAV4. Rear seat passengers have 37.8 inches in both RAV4 and Venza.

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Head room space is greater for Venza passengers in the front seats than RAV4, although not by a large margin.

2021 Toyota Venza has 38.6 inches front seat head room without a moonroof and 38.1 inches with one. This compares to 37.7 inches for Toyota RAV4.

When sitting in 2021 RAV4 rear seats, people can expect 39.5 inches head room. The 2021 Venza has 39.0 inches rear seat head room without a moonroof, and this decreases to 36.9 with one.

Time for your thoughts on 2021 Venza vs RAV4

My included video demonstrates many cargo capacity and passenger space measurements for both vehicles. I encourage you to watch it and I hope it helps with your research.

The best suggestion I can give is for you to visit your local dealership and determine for yourself what is the best choice for you and your family. Statistics are just a small part of the equation.

Both Toyota RAV4 and Venza are comfortable and provide good room and space, but each one sits differently.

I really think you will enjoy how 2021 Venza drives. Test it for yourself. It is smooth and quiet and feels like it glides over the road. Plus check out these 4 must-see features.

Thanks for watching everyone. See you next story.

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Kenneth Schemmel (not verified)    October 1, 2020 - 11:18AM

front leather seats in Venza are too hard! You need bucket seats like in the old days nice and soft!