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2020 Toyota Tacoma Enjoys Record-Breaking Year and Here is Why

Toyota just released year-end financial numbers and the Tacoma had its best year of all time. Here are the reasons it dominates its market and why you just might want one.


The Toyota Tacoma has been the best-selling midsize truck in America for the last decade and a half. With many competitors stirring up the waters of this crowded field, you would think someone would take the throne from the Tacoma at least one time. Not the case. Not even once.

Not only did 2020 Toyota Tacoma stay number one in the market, but it also helped set a record for total sales in the truck’s long and prosperous history. Financial year-end figures were just released by Toyota, and fans and owners alike of the Tacoma should be proud.

For the 2019 calendar year, Toyota Tacoma sales were up 1.3 percent over last year’s sales. This marks the best sales year ever for Tacoma. There were 248,801 Tacoma trucks sold last year, up from 245,659 in 2018.

What accounts for this continual increase in Toyota Tacoma sales volume? These are the reasons I think Tacoma keeps getting more popular.

2020 Tacoma launch has helped

When you are tops in your field, there might be the tendency to go with the status quo and rest on your past laurels. The 2020 Toyota Tacoma came out earlier in 2019 and did just the opposite. Every trim level received valuable updates and additions to improve in the areas of safety, technology, convenience and overall enjoyment.

Standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, along with larger multimedia touch screens at every 2020 Tacoma grade, helped passengers stay connected with less distractions. This may seem small – but it is actually quite a large factor.

Each 2020 Toyota Tacoma trim level now has updated grille designs and wheel upgrades. Toyota satisfied the numerous requests to add a power driver’s seat. You can find this on every SR5 V6 Tacoma and above.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab V6 TRD Off-Road Barcelona Red Metallic profile view

This is proving to be a valuable and successful refresh year for 2020 Tacoma. Sales results are proving this to be true.

Toyota Tacoma is dependable and tough

Toyota Tacoma is a reliable truck. I imagine if you polled Tacoma owners about why they initially bought their trucks and why they still have them, you would get a plethora of varied answers. However, I also imagine one of the top reasons is due to a Tacoma’s reputation for long-term reliability and dependability.

According to a recent study by iSeeCars that looked at how long people keep their vehicles, owners keep their Toyota Tacoma trucks an average of 9 years before selling or trading them. This is astounding. On a similar note, Toyota Land cruiser topped this list (11.4 years of ownership). The 4Runner, Sequoia and Avalon also made this Top 10 list. Toyota quality my friends.

The Tacoma is tough and rugged and reliable. It can tow up to 6,800 pounds with some of its 3.5-liter V6 trim levels.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab SR with SX package profile and front end

I am a member of several online forums dedicated to the Toyota Tacoma. Often, I hear personal accounts of owners with several hundreds of thousands of miles on their Tacomas and they are still going strong. One owner of a 2008 Tacoma Access Cab 4-cylinder has over 1.3 million miles on his truck.

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High resale value for Toyota Tacoma

We know already that Tacoma owners keep their trucks a long time. But what about when it is time to sell or trade? Will its value hold up?

Yes, at least according to In their “2019 Best Resale Value Awards,” the 2019 Toyota Tacoma took top spot above all models across all brands for the best resale value. Owners can expect their Tacoma to be worth 69.4% of original value after 36 months and 62.2% after 60 months. For comparison, Kelley Blue Book says the average vehicle will be worth 39% of its original sticker price after 60 months.

WATCH: My video review walkaround of the 2020 Toyota Tacoma SR5 V6 Double Cab. I hope you enjoy it.

Also placing in the Top 5 were the 2019 Tundra (66.6% after 36 and 56.9% after 60 months) and 2019 4Runner (65.7% and 56.3%).

This is Tacoma’s fifth year in a row for earning top spot for best resale value. Amazing.

What do you think about Toyota Tacoma?

What do you think about my reasons for Tacoma’s continued popularity and growing sales? Do you own a Tacoma and if so, what year and how many miles? Will you be in the market for a new truck in the near future and will the 2020 Tacoma be on your list?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story when I compare 2020 Corolla Hatchback SE vs SE Nightshade Edition.

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EDWIN Rios (not verified)    April 9, 2021 - 5:06PM

Test drove the 2020 Tacoma sr v6 double cab, i was'nt impressed!!!
The truck is beautiful... power seats, andriod car play and iphone. Has the works, this particular one was coming off lease with 8000miles!! Pice wasnt bad either $31,995 loaded. But then I drove it, was expecting alot since i owend a 1998 tacoma with a 4cylindr engine with 5 speed manuel transmission, that 'truck' was a beast. The steering on the 2020 was floaty felt like i was driving an 80s cadillac. No feel of the road it felt like i was driving on air, a feel of disconnection of driving a truck. The ride was a little bouncy even though i was on a paved road, im 6'3 and thought i was gonna hit the roof at times. The trans was ok and shifted properly but accerleration seemed labored. Bottom line i was disapointed and expect better from Toyota. The Rav4 was another let down also.