2012 Jaguar XKR, XKR-S languishing in the shade. Photo by Don Bain

Jaguar Alive brings so many Jaguars, but so little time

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Jaguar Alive is a somewhat unusual promotional event that’s long on information and driving experience while very nearly devoid of any expected sales hustle.

Jaguar Alive brought various trim and performance levels of their XJ, XF and XK vehicles to Denver this weekend and will take the show to Seattle June 21-24 and San Francisco July 19-21, with further events in the works for Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando and Tampa as well as Charlotte later this year.

Before getting to the cars, attendees were treated to a brief though enjoyable presentation of coming Jaguar products including the C-X75 concept, the well-received hybrid supercar the brand is developing along with Williams F1, the visionary C-X16 that seeks to set the bar for the sports car of the 21st Century, and the much ballyhooed Jaguar F-Type.

Then the group of 20 was ushered outside to pick from over a dozen XJL models, before driving them two laps around Sports Authority Stadium, on the streets near where the event was staged.

This sufficed to demonstrate how the Jaguar suspension delivers an unblemished, porcelain-smooth ride until the big cat is pushed to let its powerful sinews show their stuff. Though the city streets surrounding the Bronco’s home stadium have residential speeds, the experience provided interested parties a brief glimpse of the supple power lying beneath the XJL’s idle purr.

Next during the Jaguar Alive event came a series of painted parking lot and pylon-outlined courses – also aimed at revealing the various features of each model and trim levels. Taking an easy driving route allowed the onboard Jaguar rep to demonstrate or simply describe several standard features such as the paddle shifters, touchscreen video display, it’s Bluetooth connectivity and other telematic features as well as the vehicle’s winter mode.

On a slippery surface, created by something like an industrial Slip N Slide, the rep first turned off all the traction and stability systems, and instructed us to punch the accelerator. The car went virtually nowhere on the watery plastic except for the rear wheels sliding a bit to the right. Turning the traction and stability systems back on, we also attempted over-acceleration – the car went slowly, straightly ahead despite the driver’s poor reaction to the conditions. That’s how cars begin to think for us – noticing our stupidity and refusing to comply with illogical commands.

Similarly we learned the paddle shifters won’t let you go the wrong way with sequential shifting – it won’t slap your hand but it won’t take commands that would endanger the Jaguar’s 5.0-liter V8 heart.

This was all referred to as the Technology aspect of the Jaguar Alive driving experience.


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