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An automotive enthusiast's dream: working for Aston Martin

Posted: July 13, 2011 - 1:22PM
Author: Don Bain
Just imagine you are charged with engineering a part for the new V12 Zagato or sculpting the shape out of clay or planning the slick magazine ads Aston Martin will run when it is released next year. That could well be an emerging reality if you were among the students attending the premiere automaker’s See Inside Manufacturing initiative.


As part of a commitment to the British Government, Aston Martin recently hosted a number of students from across the Midlands at the brand’s global Headquarters in Gaydon, Warwickshire. Created at the Manufacturing Summit last January, by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, the government’s initiative seeks to attract the best and brightest into the automotive field, with the blessings of the UK Automotive Council.

During the visit, the students were privy to all aspects of the company – from the world renowned design studio to the legendary manufacturing and hand assembly process, they saw first hand how Aston Martin blends advanced technological processes with traditional craftsmanship. Some students must have pinched themselves as they were treated to a visit to the production space for the One-77 – Aston Martin’s ultimate production sports car.

“The Government is investing in more apprenticeships than ever before,” said Vince Cable, Business Secretary. “Together with industry we must inspire more young people to see manufacturing and engineering as a viable and exciting career choice. We also need to ensure that UK manufacturing can take on its competitors head on and make the next decade one of the most dynamic and entrepreneurial periods in our history.”

Over the last three years, Aston Martin has recruited more than 35 graduates to assist in their perpetual pursuit of excellence in design, performance and craftsmanship. The company’s continuing commitment to high technology manufacturing, exceptional quality and innovation should help to preserve its eminence in the automotive field.

Thus, we can continue to marvel over and dream of driving the incredible creations from this iconic manufacturer of exemplary racing, luxury and sports cars.


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