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Why owners are upset over the cost to insure a Ford F-150

Some truck owners are stunned to find out that they are paying twice as much per month to insure their F-150s compared to truck owners in other states. Much of insurance costs depend on your driving record, but some states force drivers to pay higher rates.

An owner named Ryan C. mentioned on Facebook that he was paying $47 a month for full coverage on a 2016 F-150 and the comments started pouring in. Ryan happens to live in Idaho and he is paying lower rates than just about everyone who answered.

A lot of different variables go into insurance rates, the age of the driver, past driving record and the make and model of the vehicle. The Facebook group found a huge range in rates. Michael F. says he is paying $60 per month in Arizona for a 2016 Supercrew Xlt 4x4, while Devin L. is paying $67 per month in North Carolina.

But some other drivers say they are really being hit in the wallet. Kenny B. responded “Jeeze $150 in Louisiana lol” and the responder who really has the blues was Travis S., “Wow, 200 a month in Michigan. Good old no-fault insurance.”

Travis is absolutely correct in blaming the Michigan rules about insurance. For the third year in a row, a study finds that Michigan has the most expensive auto insurance. Prices in Michigan are twice the average price for all of the states. studied what the average rates are in every state for a 40- year-old male, with a clean driving record and good credit. They priced full coverage for the top 20 selling vehicles, F-150 was #1, and then averaged the rates.

Average auto insurance price for F150 truck

The average price for a year of insurance was $1325, but in Michigan, it was a whopping $2738. Most blame the no-fault law. says “Michigan’s no-fault insurance structure is largely responsible for the high cost of car insurance in the state. Michigan auto consumers pay more than most states for car insurance due to the state’s high medical mandate. Michigan is the only state in the country that requires auto consumers to purchase unlimited, lifetime medical benefits as part of the auto insurance policy,” explains Lori Conarton with the Insurance Institute of Michigan. “

While Michigan is the most expensive, Montana comes in 2nd, followed by New Jersey, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

The difference in rates is huge. Maine is the cheapest state for insurance, their rate came in at just $808 for the same comprehensive coverage. That is less than a third of what the same hypothetical driver pays in Michigan. Ohio is the 2nd cheapest, followed by Wisconsin, Idaho and New Hampshire.

Again, rates will vary on the number of tickets you have and your age, but F-150 drivers like Ryan in Idaho have a distinct advantage when it comes to pricing insurance.

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