2017 Ford F 150

What to do if your 2017 Ford F-150 falls into "Deep Sleep" mode

The owner of a 2017 Ford F-150 is alarmed when he receives a message from Fordpass that his truck has gone into "Deep Sleep" mode. He is angry that Ford customer service can't tell him how to wake his truck up.

Dave, from Tennessee, is reaching out to members of a Ford truck forum after receiving an alarming message about his 2017 Ford F-150. Dave says, “Looking for help, as Fordpass chat can't help. Ford Customer service can’t help. Have four hours on phone with Customer service and Fordpass. Their solution is call a wrecker. Two month old F-150 Platinum. I got a message on the Ford Pass app, "Truck entered Deep Sleep Mode". Ford can not tell me what Deep Sleep Mode is. They can not tell me if my remote will work to unlock truck. They can not tell me if key pad will work to unlock truck. They can not tell me how to get it out of deep sleep mode. I am offshore working. I am really wanting to know what I have to do when I land at the airport Thursday morning to get in and start my truck. Sad that Ford can not or will not help. My First ever Ford, out of 15 new pick ups. Customer service is sure off to a very bad start.”

That would be very frustrating, being worried about what you will find when you finally get back to your truck. Other truck owners quickly reach out to help.

Blue, from Kentucky, started an online search about the problem. He tells Dave, “From ford site: "I attempted to use my system after my vehicle was parked for more than 3 days and it responded that my vehicle was in Power Save Mode and I needed to schedule a wake-up time, what is the reason for this?

Your system is designed to protect your vehicle from draining its battery when the vehicle is parked for an extended period of time. In order to preserve your vehicle’s battery the Remote Access system will go into a "sleep" mode. Your Remote Access system can be "woken" from this mode in two ways. One is to turn the ignition on in the vehicle using your factory key or you can schedule a "wake-up" time through your Remote Access mobile phone app or web portal. Please note that it may take up to twelve hours for the "wake-up" process to complete. Please see the on-line User's Guide for more information on Power Save Mode."

Location of the factory key on a push button start vehicle

Dave is very concerned because no one ever mentioned anything about this when he bought the vehicle. He asks, “Also where is factory Key on a push button vehicle? Nothing in my owners’ manual about this.”

Runner doesn’t have the system but he does have one answer to help Dave. “The factory key on a push start vehicle is inside the fob. Not having this system I can't say for sure, but it sounds like if you use that key to manually unlock the door then it wakes up from sleep mode.”

Dave is very frustrated with the customer service representatives who aren’t able to answer any of his questions. “I have the owners manual PDF on my computer. Not one word about Deep Sleep in it. Yes, I see where the key is located in the Fob. So I can unlock. Still doesn't answer on how to start our get out of Deep Sleep Mode. How is it Ford Customer service after 4 hours on Phone can’t help? How is it 3 hours on Fordpass call line, and two more on Fordpass chat can’t help? Why is it Deep Sleep is not in owners manual?
Sorry I am stressing after being gone for 21 days, would like to know how to start truck with out calling wrecker and losing a whole day, as I have a ten hour drive home.”

Wolf, from Michigan, says that Dave shouldn’t be worried, he claims that only the Sync connected controls have gone to sleep, not the truck. “The poster (Dave) has a TCU (Sync Connect) vehicle. The TCU has a sleep mode so as not to continually drain the battery. The remote and keypad should still work fine. Unlocking, locking, and remote starting from Fordpass will not work until you "wake-up" the TCU.”

Anger about poor customer service

Dave thanked everyone for their help and explained why he was so upset. He isn’t angry that the modem goes into sleep mode to protect the battery, he is angry that no one could answer his questions. It was his fear of his truck not starting that he found so frustrating. “I would have been calm, had this been in my owners manual. Talks all about 30 day storage or more, no word about this. I would have been calm if Fordpass could have told me what this was, or how to get it out of deep sleep. They said they never heard of it. I would have been calm if Ford Customer service knew what it was or how to get in my truck. But they told me to have it towed to the dealer.”

You really can’t blame Dave for his confusion or frustration over this issue. When he got back to land, he was able to get into his truck and make his long drive home without any problems.

Ford's quick response to problem

Interestingly, Ford appears to have changed the message that alerts owners that their vehicles have gone into “deep sleep” mode. The message now includes an explanation that “This occurs when your vehicle has been inactive for 14 or more consecutive days. All connectivity to the vehicle, such as vehicle controls, fuel level and vehicle health alerts, will be temporarily disabled until Deep Sleep mode is deactivated. To deactivate Deep Sleep mode, simply manually start your vehicle.”

Had the Fordpass sent Dave this message, or had the customer service people been able to tell Dave this, they could have avoided all of his concerns.

So if you get a message about your 2017 Ford F-150 going into Deep Sleep mode. Don't panic, you can wake it up, by manually unlocking it and it should start as usual.

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I had this sync fordpass on my 2017 escape. Which by the way is a horrible vehicle for other reasons. Be very careful with fordpass as they track your vehicle use and driving habits such as acceleration, braking, shifting, location, speed, etc. Very important data which can later be sold to someone like say.... Insurance companies! You will see a coming date in the future where you insurance rates will be controlled this way. ever hear of a no claims discount on your insurance. break the speed limit x times and you will loose your safe driving discount etc. Quick some loyal auto enthusiast with money, quickly patent this idea so we can prevent it from happening!!!
My 2017 was parked for 3 days and when I went to start I was informed on my Ford app that it was as in a deep sleep mode! Ford assistance is s joke. Tried calling and all I got was a computer asking for my vehicle id and other info. Never waswss able to speak to anyone about starting my vehicle. Went on you tube but it wouldn’t start. Seems that the deep sleep mode drained the battery. Luckily I have aaa and they were able to assist with a jump. As a matter of fact, I also called my dealer back home and nobody could assist.
Deep sleep mode is activated when the battery volts drops. When battery volts are under XX% you can’t start truck thru the app. I just charge the battery from time to time to top it up and never have another problem
This deep sleep has been happening to me while my truck is running. Ford has no answers as to why this is happening. The app to remotely start the vehicle was a huge selling feature for me, Has anyone else experienced this? Rob
Deep sleep mode occurs every time I try to start my F150. Seems to have happened during their last app update.
2017 150 Truck went on Deep Sleep Mode after update on Feb 4 .Still can not clear .It worked Good for the Previously 3 Months
My truck will go into deep sleep mode when the temperature is very cold. It seems when the temperature gets down to -30 degrees the deep sleep mode is activated. This will happen only hours (even minutes) after the engine is shut off. I’ve never had an issue starting it later, especially if it’s plugged in.
My truck goes into deep sleep mode every time I start my pickup (when it is around zero or below zero). I've been given a new battery as a fix. Still hasn't fixed it. At this point, my truck is stuck in deep sleep mode. Starting it with the key does not wake it up. My dealer staff is confused, and Ford has no idea on what's wrong.
2017 F150 Limited. Exact same problem. No problems with unlocking/locking and starting with the key fob, the Ford Pass app just won't work. I have the same deep sleep message. Apparently starting the vehicle manually is supposed to fix that problem but that hasn't done it for me. I contacted Ford and was told that long periods of inactivity(14 days), low battery voltage, or extreme cold temperatures will activate the sleep mode. The first two aren't my problem, I've been using the truck daily and I have a smart charger that is hardwired to my block heater line. So cold weather? We've been through a few weeks of -30c weather but this happened to me when it was -22c outside. So heres my beef, why in god's name would you design a remote start feature that disables itself when it gets cold out? Isn't that exactly when you would want to use this feature? At any rate, no help from the Ford help line nor the guys at the dealership. Day four with the same problem. Think I am going to go disconnect the positive battery cable and reset the system. Only other thing I can think to do.
I had same problems of deep sleep mode all the time. I only have a short commute and when I checked the battery level it was low. I charged it up and had no issues since
This has happened to me on my 2017 Limited F-150 as I too work offshore. When I got to the heliport, I used the remote start feature on my key fob and everything was fine. No issues since then.
If I reboot iPhone after new downloads or to reset activated false alarm , it seems to work on my 2017 f150 Lariat
Over the last 10 years, each new car I've bought has had progressively "new" features.. Features I've eventually decided I did no longer "Want" in ANY car I drive. Being tracked.. Black boxes that record your driving habits.. linked by satellite.. <eavesdropping anyone?>.. Put it THIS WAY.... Lets just say you've gotten into a minor fender bender, one car mishap that happens to set off your airbag or some sensor... after you may have had a few drinks.. your BAC near, or at the legal threshold... Well Gee.... Your cars WONDERFUL new high tech FEATUREs alert the police to assist.. Which subsequently results in "Your car gave you a DUI !!" Uhm.. No Thank You... I've sold my tech laden cars, vowed to NEVER buy a car newer than 1999 with a Black Box.. GMs ALL have em.. some dont til 2012 . Right now my main cars are my 1966 Corvair Show car w/ac, and my 1968 Austin Healey Sprite.. and I'm paying $60/mo Full Coverage Havin Fun &LOVIN IT !!..